The Secret Caulking Tip That Will Transform Your Ability!

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The Funny Carpenter

The Funny Carpenter

2 aylar önce

My three best caulking tips!
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Red Gun:
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David Cole
David Cole Aylar önce
I'm 58 years old. I've caulked professionally and personally on many homes. Do I know it all? Hell no, and that's why I opened this video. This guy told me a lot of what I already know and a few really good tips that I didn't. I like how you kept it moving. Not boring at all even on what I already knew. I wish more instructional video's followed this pace. Keep up the good work. The biggest mistake I've ever and many times made is simply cutting the tip too large. It's easier to add a little more on the first stroke and then cut the tip a little larger than to clean up a mess from a tip that's too large. Awesome video. Never considered sanding the tip into a corner. Thats really awesome!!!!!!
Travis 2 gün önce
Why not do the neatest method (in my opinion) and put masking tape on either side, then you can create a nice edge with your finger and avoid all the mess around. Then just peel the tape once you have a nice finish? This is how i apply a nice silicon finish.
Sean Callahan
Sean Callahan 4 gün önce
David Cole, I’m a year older than you and have been a carpenter/ glazier/ painter my whole life. I’m probably one of the finest caulkers around as well, but like you, I clicked on this just to see if there’s a new technique I hadn’t known. Found it. The sanding of the tip in a corner. That’s awesome! Learned something. This is a video for beginners and that’s cool. Glad he didn’t use some weird tool because they all suck. It’s about practice mostly. A wet finger is the only tool required. A wet rag is always there to keep your finger clean and wet on every pass along the caulk line. I’ve run probably miles of caulk lines through the decades and it’s second nature to me. Interior caulking like this is a cinch. In the early 80’s I was a commercial glazier. We had to run perfect beads with urethane caulk, aluminum to aluminum, with no tooling at all. We used a fifty dollar caulking gun that with one squeeze, covered a 1/2” bead about six feet long. All you had to worry about was that inevitable air pocket in the tube that would burp and ruin a perfect un-tooled bead. Good luck making that mess blend in. Urethane is very unforgiving. You can’t use masking tape with urethane, the caulk sticks to it and your bead pulls away from the surface with the tape, leaving a whole different kind of ugly mess. I found it fun walking around town and looking at various storefronts and inspecting the caulk lines. The caulk job on an aluminum storefront should look like a perfectly straight piece of rubber bead. I could tell if a guy was a pro or a rookie. It’s mostly about practice and doing it every day. I was a pro at storefronts but it’s been years since I did it and I know I couldn’t run a bead with urethane like I used to. Painters caulk, interior stuff, is no problem. The trick there is, the caulking shouldn’t be visible at all. It goes over the primer in new construction and just covers the hairline cracks between the casing or baseboard. Deeper cracks will shrink and need another few passes after they dry. But with a wet rag and a clean finger and some patience, you can make a sloppy miter look perfect. (You know all this, I’m just writing this for those who don’t.) Caulking is the magic that makes every imperfection disappear. Sloppy finish carpentry looks perfect after caulking and painting. Only the trained eye can see that you made a 45.5 degree miter look like a perfect 45. It’s an illusion when you do it right. And nobody who hasn’t done this professionally would ever notice that caulking was the magic that made the room look perfect. Edit: One more thing for you amateurs struggling with caulking interior mouldings and trim. The wet rag is your friend. Keep the tip clean with it and if you totally screw up the caulk line, just wipe it off and start over. You’ll notice after many screwups, your wet rag is full of caulk. No problem, interior caulk is water-soluble. Even the ones with silicone, the point being, your rag has to be clean. Otherwise, you’ll be tracking the caulking all over the walls and floors. Rinse it out and start over. Neatness is key. Even have a separate clean wet rag that you’ll use to finish up your lines and any miters you repair on more intricate moulding profiles. The caulking will shrink as it dries. Let it. Don’t mess with it. Let it dry. If there’s still a dip in a crevice after shrinking now’s the time to fill it with a little more caulking. If you’re trying to patch a gaping hole with caulking, you’re using the wrong material. Caulking is only for finishing tiny gaps less than a sixteenth inch. Use drywall mud on any gaps deeper than that, sand and the finish with the caulking to hide minor cracks in the transition. Make sure you’ve wiped off every bit of crappy caulking that’ll dry stupid looking. You can’t sand caulking. It’s latex rubber with silicone usually. Your finish is done with a wet finger. Re-caulking over crappy caulking looks worse than ever. Treat the area of your screwup as if you’re starting from scratch. If you don’t like what you did, wipe it out and start over. You have time and you want to make this right and there’s nothing preventing you from doing that. It’s not like, “Oh man, I really screwed up that caulk line. Looks like sh*t. Guess I’m stuck with it..” No you’re not, wipe it off with the wet rag before it dries. Try again. Don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the look. While admiring your finished caulk line you might bump the tip against the wall and now there’s caulk on the wall. Or you forgot to hit the stop button and it’s on the floor. Caulking guns and tubes are unpredictable, assume they want to screw you over because they will. No problem. That’s what the wet rag is for. From beginner caulker to pro caulker takes a few screwups like anything else in life. Remember them, learn from them. Be a pro. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about caulking. It’s an art form in itself. Takes practice and a keen eye for detail.
Dave 10 gün önce
cool, thanks for the tip
Jason Maggard - Modern Money Method
Jason Maggard - Modern Money Method 10 gün önce
Figured half these tricks by my 20th year and 200th tube of caulking. Think he just saved me 20 more years of learning. Great info. Sanding the tip. Thats Pro Level!
Gabriel S
Gabriel S 24 gün önce
I thing you no nothing about professional caulking, sorry
FireFlyEx Aylar önce
As a professional painter there is one bit of critique I have and that is you are not putting enough caulk into those new trim lines. On existing trim you can get away with a small bead (to clean up a bad caulk line) if there is no cracking, but on new and cracked trim lines you need to add more caulk or it will just crack again within a few years. Caulking is meant to flex as the drywall and trim shrink and expand at different rates but if there isn't enough, or the product you are using isn't very good, it will not be able to handle that amount of movement and will fail. Another thing to keep in mind is that fast dry caulking is less flexible in the long term. Choosing the right product is key to having a quality finish that will last a long time. Appreciate the video!
xBoss-570 7 gün önce
@Robert Paulson you are 100% correct
Chris DeLaPaz
Chris DeLaPaz 8 gün önce
@Eric My brothers saying! CAULK AND PAINT MAKE IT WHAT IT AIN’T. has truth to it!
Dave 8 gün önce
@Eric Well he should have listen to you the customer.
Eric 8 gün önce
@Dave That's better than what I got. He told me that I wouldn't even be able to see the the caulking. Well, he was wrong, and I got to spend hours painting over it, and creating a new edge.. I should have phrased my question to you more clearly.
Dave 8 gün önce
@Eric that depends on if the customer is male or female. If a man, yes sir, otherwise it's yes ma'am.
Alien Productions
Alien Productions Aylar önce
00:30 Smallest, angled hole; 01:05 Groove tip; 01:48 Orientation line; 02:11 Dripless gun; 02:42 Wet rag; 03:57 Replicate tip angle (steeper) and use orientation line. Thanks!
Alien Productions
Alien Productions 4 gün önce
@Csgo Or just make a list of the steps on your phone so you don't have to.
Csgo 4 gün önce
Or just watch the video...
Daniel Sun
Daniel Sun Aylar önce
For caulking around cabinetry, or other high finish areas, I always mask off either side of the desired caulk seam and use my finger to feather it out into the fill zone between the tape edges with an even radius. After removing the masking tape, you will get a perfect caulk line every time. It's too much work for baseboard, but essential for kitchen and bath finishes that are subject to higher visualization.
Ken Banks
Ken Banks 22 saatler önce
I have used this technique a few times it is time consuming but you get a great result.
Clara Berner
Clara Berner 7 gün önce
@Me okay, but when???
Angie Brooke
Angie Brooke 23 gün önce
Great idea!
Me Aylar önce
Scott W.
Scott W. Aylar önce
I've been caulking for 35 years and never thought of making an orientation line or pre-grooving the tip. Simple and genius! I was laughing when you held up the two caulk guns and was dissin my goto one wth the thumb release cause I thought you had the two confused... the other looked like the kind I avoid, but I didn't know there was a dripless design. Cool info. Thanks for the outake from the B-roll 👍🏼
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dapper dingo
dapper dingo Aylar önce
Dap brand caulk has that infamous air bubble purposely included inside of the tube (usually around 3/4 of the way toward the bottom end of the tube), so that when the pressure is released on the caulk gun completely, the air bubble inside of the tube is pressurized to the point where the caulk continues to splooge from the tip of the tube and onto the floor or carpeted area (especially if you are working on a ladder caulking crown moulding). This causes for lots of waste emitted from the tube and more sales for Dap corporation. My remedy for this is to squeeze the tube with the caulk bead spreading hand immediately when the pressure is released from the gun and continue the caulk bead to the end by squeezing the sides of the tube by hand. Ace brand 'Window and Door' caulk is notorious for the air bubble also, but not usually as big as the complimentary Dap brand air bubble.
Matthew Morycinski
Matthew Morycinski Aylar önce
Brings back memories. I learned caulking as a refugee back in 1988 Madrid (Spain). My first try was a horrible mess. But in 2007 I got hired in Canada, to work on some optical sensors. We had little caulking guns made out of a plastic syringe, hooked up to compressed air controlled by a foot valve. No adjustment on the nozzle shape - the nozzle was a steel blunt needle. The task was to mount a little 1/2" lens inside an aluminum holder. Nothing much, but one of the guys made a particular mess of it. So I say, give it to me. Pssssst! done. He looks at it. It's perfect. HOW did you do it?? So I say, Alex, Alex. You have to push the bead ahead of the nozzle. The back edge of the nozzle has to run over the fresh bead, to even it out. Point the needle forward, and push instead of pulling. Make it one smooth move. I showed him how I turn both hands in opposite directions. He couldn't understand. Ever since, he called on me to do it.
nutsenmai Aylar önce
This technique is something I've done in certain situations too! Glad I'm not the only one.
vbrad5111 Aylar önce
30+ years in the trade, solid advice here. One thing to add....when you're done caulking, but there's still material in the tube, seal the tip of the tube up with painter's tape. Wrap it around a few times and pinch it tight. Most of the time siliconized painter's caulk won't harden in the tip if you get back into it in a reasonable amount of time, but if you let it sit too long it can set up and not want to flow again. The tape helps keep the air out of it, keeping it pliable and ready for the next project. Taping the tip also works with pure silicone. I always hated throwing away 3/4 of a $6 tube of clear or white silicone because the tip was plugged up. Tape it up and you can usually go back to it days/weeks later.
safffff1000 2 gün önce
I've drilled out the tip when it dried out
Eric Blakely
Eric Blakely 5 gün önce
They make covers for the tip now which works way better than a nail or wire nut for a dollar
Gmjent56 5 gün önce
Silicone is now $12 a tube
Adam Marshall
Adam Marshall 8 gün önce
So you’re saying always cover your caulk
Petey_c No Last Name
Petey_c No Last Name 20 gün önce
@Kyle Knight KK, I use the large blue wire nuts...
Alex I Castillo
Alex I Castillo Aylar önce
As a DIY caulking has always been a nightmare for me…just for that I’ve been procrastinating caulking some baseboards at home. You have no idea how much this video has helped me. Thank you so much!
wummerG Aylar önce
I'm about to do my first caulking diy job. So glad I found this video as I would have made a complete mess of things.
Mark A###
Mark A### Aylar önce
@Tyson Electric caulking gun (Ryobi) makes it sooooooo much easier.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Aylar önce
I agree!! Awesome
Tyson Aylar önce
Lol same. Wish i had found some of these tips 6 months ago. Had a burst pipe so had the wood floor replaced in my ENTIRE house. The guys who installed the new floor just pushed the baseboards back in and didn’t re-nail them, so 2 years later every. single. inch. of baseboard had separated from the wall a bit. Wife and I just kinda ignored it cuz caulking sucks. Then we decided to put our house on the market so had to knock out god knows how many feet of baseboards and caulk. We got it done but it just affirmed how much I loathe caulking. This would have made it a much milder version of hell.
Brad Davies
Brad Davies Aylar önce
Love the idea of the guide line! Such a simple idea. I’ll definitely be putting that into practice. One tip I can also recommend, is wipe down your area with a damp cloth before applying caulk. It helps with cleaning off excess as it slows the moisture absorption.
peter wall
peter wall 2 aylar önce
Really quality tips! The thing that your speed of pulling and squeeze rate are huge! You can squeeze too much and not pull fast enough or go opposite, the more in sync you can keep those 2 is hugely beneficial!
David Gulbransen
David Gulbransen 2 aylar önce
No joke, these tips changed everything for me. I used to dread caulking my trim work, and now I actually look forward to it because it’s become so easy to make it all look really professional.
Mud Boy
Mud Boy 2 aylar önce
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 2 aylar önce
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 2 aylar önce
Yea playing
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 2 aylar önce
@The Funny Carpenter Yea
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Thanks Mate:)
V S Aylar önce
Just came across your channel! I'm starting off on home renovations and I'm so grateful for pros like yourself who share so much of their expertise. It makes such a difference for DIYers like myself and saves us so much time, effort and money. Thank you from Texas!
Dave Nagel
Dave Nagel Aylar önce
Awesome tips! I've been in construction for 30+ years. Always love learning new things. That's one of the best things about construction. I don't think I will know everything even by the time I retire! Anyway I wanted to mention to people that there is a huge difference in caulks. Some are very specific to their application. That being said, they all apply differently and some are filled with air bubbles. They will push caulk out when you least expect it. Always be prepared. Don't get discouraged. It's not rocket science.
Barrie Vermazen
Barrie Vermazen 2 aylar önce
I like not to cut the point with a knife, but clip it with a (side-)cutter. This squeezes the point or caulkchannel together, forming a slight oval. Together with the angled cutoff, makes this very easy caulking.
Abbott's Place
Abbott's Place Aylar önce
I like that!
wolololer Aylar önce
@Underbottom Sandydown You can reuse the tip multiple times, just open a new bottle and switch the tips, as long as they are all the same caulk ofc all that said i think sanding it is a litle unecessary, but still u only have to do it once
Underbottom Sandydown
Underbottom Sandydown 2 aylar önce
Ditto - I go through too much caulk (exterior) to be sanding every bottle, still great tips for noobs
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Interesting idea Barrie
David Aylar önce
Thank you so much for this video. I started a job in maintenance a few months ago. I'm never worked in that position before. Maintenance is by far the best job I've had in my life. The joy and satisfaction I get out of fixing things and learning how to fix things, has really enhanced my overall quality of life as I feel like I'm finally useful. I have a love-hate relationship with caulking. When I can do it well, its great. Some of the time I will struggle with getting a good looking caulk job. This video is going to help so much! Thank you!
C Unknown
C Unknown 17 gün önce
This brings back memories. In my former life, I used to be a carpenter and did finish work (cabinets, etc.). I was always picked to caulk the laminate/Formica. I cut the tip a unique way and watched the leading side of the tip rather than the trailing side; this way, I could observe how much caulk was flowing out, and the critical point was I NEVER swiped the bead with anything. I would drape the countertops to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of the caulk as it dried. The results were always complimented.
Coffee Scribe
Coffee Scribe Aylar önce
You're the only guy out of several that has actually explained the speed and amount! Also, none of the others said anything about a line for orientation. Thanks. Helped a ton!!!
michael o'dwyer
michael o'dwyer Aylar önce
I have done a fair bit of decorating in my time and caulk is a life changer. Very easy to use and you can fill gaps very quick and clean. Rather than filler that would take for ever to do the job.
RougeBaba 2 aylar önce
As a professional painting contractor, I can fully endorse this video. These are very good tips for the do-it yourselfers. Some of the YT videos giving tips on caulking are so unhelpful. I saw one meant to give tips on painting vertical stripes on drywall in contrasting colors. It told viewers to run a bead of clear silicone over your tape lines prior to applying the second color in order to prevent the color from bleeding under the tape. That was some pretty stupid advice. Sure, it will prevent the second color from bleeding under the tape, but your going to see every line due to the buildup of silicone being smeared over your drywall. And that is to say nothing about the insane amount of time involved with running silicone up and down walls and then having to finger it smooth. Then if that silicone dries long enough, good luck pulling the tape off the walls easily. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Plus, paint does not like to stick to silicone.... so good luck if you ever want to repaint your walls. If anything, it should of suggested clear acrylic caulk (even though that is a bad idea too). Of course the best and simplest method is to simply brush a coat of the base color over the tape lines and allow it to dry before applying the second color. That is a very quick and easy method (less expense, materials and time involved) to create sharp, crisp, straight lines. The base paint color will get under the tape enough to lock out the contrasting color, while not showing up as a different sheen, unlike silicone smeared up and down your walls.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S 24 gün önce
I didn't see any helpful video on proper caulking...
Rob Wenzel
Rob Wenzel Aylar önce
I always use the frog tape when painting that stuff is amazing
Douglas Van Doran
Douglas Van Doran Aylar önce
Good tips. I've been caulking my own stuff for many years and I learned things to make my jobs better. I never knew there was such a thing as a dripless caulking gun. Ordering it now thanks so much.
matt tim
matt tim Aylar önce
Another tip from a contractor who's been doing it for almost 30 years. (My Dad) Get yourself one of those big square yellow contractor sponges and a bucket. Wet the sponge squeeze it out almost dry just so it's lightly damp. Using one finger to press lightly the extra caulking and swipe lightly then rinse and repeat as necessary. Fastest way to clean up.
FREEBIRD Aylar önce
I've been doing the "Guide Line for about 30 years. Best way to keep it all inline. ALSO: I have used electrical wing nuts to cap off caulking tubes when nothing better is around. They stay on until you take them off. Great video, Funny Carpenter!!
Patrick Fintak
Patrick Fintak Aylar önce
Great idea with the line on the tip. One more thing I would add is to always wipe in both directions when possible. It seats the caulk in the joint better and adheres better
Ron 2 aylar önce
Retired General here, seen it all. What I learned here is the "orientation line". Great idea since some caulking is done in not the best of light. Of course if your square cutting the tip it doesn't matter but your method allows for a more precision bead with less to wipe out. This old dog just learned a new trick. Hats off to you!
jake hopgood
jake hopgood 5 gün önce
"gig line"
Me Aylar önce
@William Crowley lol gENERAL
Bob Casey
Bob Casey Aylar önce
I've long used the orientation line but differently - I put a piece of tape around the tube/gun to so the tube won't turn. I like your orientation line idea as well and will be using it.
Alec Binyon
Alec Binyon Aylar önce
You know you're a real tradesman when you're retired and watching videos like this for fun. Tip of the hat to you sir!
Keri Robicheaux
Keri Robicheaux Aylar önce
Thank you for your bravery and service, Sir!
tuppence1able 20 gün önce
Love this, just doing up my old house, need all the tips I can get. I was also told pushing the caulk rather than pulling works pretty well with a flat cut on the tip.
Philip 16 gün önce
That's a really good tip with silicone caulks.
Suzie Court
Suzie Court Aylar önce
That was really helpful - thank you! I've always had a problem with making a bead look tidy. So I'll put your advice in action and will see how it goes! i always put a clean screw in the hole at the end to stop it hardening. Like all the extra tips too!
Tyson Aylar önce
If my bead is too big, i’ve found that an expired credit card or hotel key works well too. Sometime i’ll have to cut the corners a bit if the diameter of the rounded edge is too small. For me, I just make sure that the card is angled slightly in the direction of travel so that it smooshes the caulk down into the joint a bit better. Not sure if any of this is a best practice or not, but it’s worked for me.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S 24 gün önce
try use a paddle pop stick
comfortably numb
comfortably numb Aylar önce
I use my fingers. Different situations need different fingers. If the bead has to be big to fill a big gap I might use my thumb or middle finger. If it's small in a tight spot I use a pinky. Mostly I use my pointer finger.
Auntie June
Auntie June Aylar önce
Thank you! Fast and full of info. Caulking has always been messy for me. Now I expect my next project to be much better.
Tudd Grimley
Tudd Grimley 14 gün önce
I really appreciate videos like this, simple useful tutorials, not clickbaity, no sponsors. I wish more of youtube was like this
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 14 gün önce
Thanks buddy
Ziggy Mac
Ziggy Mac 28 gün önce
I never fail to get someone else to do caulking because I can’t stand it but I’m impressed with the helpful hints! You sir just got another subscriber! Keep up the great work!
Cyrus Aylar önce
As someone that dose a fair bit of this for a living great advice honestly the sand paper 90 and marker line on the tube are great tips that I never do and will even improve my job quality thanks a true good advice video not like most of them I see 👍🏻
Mahollowman Aylar önce
I'm a Drywall and Painter in Az with 25+ years experience and I agree with everything you have demonstrated in this video. The only thing I can add are more a nit pick of process... When possible , I like to wipe the opposite direction of application to make sure that it works itself into the crack more completely. And as for keeping clean while caulking , nothing beats a damp full size sponge with a bucket of water to rinse it out occasionally. I prefer the type that have a blue terrycloth side because they are also great for burning in the edges of a drywall patch before texture and cleaning up the occasional oopsie. The sponge with the terry cloth on one side can be found in the tile section of most big box home improvement stores. I never need to pre-wedge my tip as it happens pretty quickly on its own... and in particular__ when caulking on drywall __ it will wedge , then melt and clog . Caulking drywall will wedge your finger the point of bleeding if you dont change fingers often. 😁
Gwyn 19
Gwyn 19 Aylar önce
Another tip, learned from counter installer: 1) lay down the caulk bead in tile or counter, 2) then spray rubbing alcohol over bead, 3) use caulk squeegee or rag to smooth over the bead. Where you sprayed alcohol, the caulk will not stick. Makes for perfect line of caulk without any mess.
3DCGdesign Aylar önce
follow manufacturer's instructions. I had a guy try this trick when he did my stone installation but he used a mix of soap and water in a spray bottle. This weakened the caulk, it was a DISASTER. Total do-over. I was not happy.
DILLIGAS Aylar önce
Spit works fine.
jonathan kohl
jonathan kohl Aylar önce
Soapy rag works great
Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson Aylar önce
you can use Windex as well. cheaper than Alcohol
Scott V
Scott V Aylar önce
Great tips! Regarding, getting the groove on the tip, I used to call this "breaking in the tip." I thought I was a genius for figuring this out, but apparently others had the idea too lol. I just dry run the tip on a 90 degree intersection of materials and let friction "melt" the tip to the proper shape. I always wondered why the second half of the tube applied so much easier....but then I figured this out. I also learned that cheap caulking guns are never worth the money saved. I like Cox guns myself, even though they're levered guns.
Paula Maxwell
Paula Maxwell Aylar önce
mOddEdLiKeHeLL 2 aylar önce
Great tips! I've been painting since I was 13 yrs old. Always worked for my pops. I'm 37 now. All these tips come from experience. The only thing that sucks about caulking is when you have to do it to a whole brand new house. By the time you are done, the nail on your main finger is becomes thin as hell. That or your finger will burst and have to put on the painters tape and use another finger. Good thing there's 10 of them. Thumbs included 😂
Richard Chang
Richard Chang Aylar önce
I've seen contractors caulk in a forward motion instead of back motion. It looks really nice & I find it very interesting. These tips are great & I didn't know such thing existed like the no drip caulk gun. I thought they work all the same lol
Baldspot Aylar önce
I've been caulking for 34 years and I've tried both directions but I personally find going the direction shown in the video yields better results, PLUS you can constantly monitor the bead you're laying.
Mark Schedler
Mark Schedler Aylar önce
Really well done. You have a gift for language. Direct. Efficient. Authentic. I’ve done a lot of caulking but learned some great things here.
David Moffitt
David Moffitt 2 aylar önce
Personally I prefer to use the Ryobi Battery Operated caulk gun. You can set the speed and when you let off the trigger, it will be dripless. However, you have to be ready to start again, as it is not instant. This prevents the little pools you normally would get on a long run of casing, by not having to repeatedly depressing the trigger. I learned this from a guy who works for SafeGlass. This is the only tool they use, as squeeze out on windshields is a major mess.
MIke Swirled™️
MIke Swirled™️ 6 gün önce
@Gabriel S I never would have guessed that lol, thanks!
Gabriel S
Gabriel S 6 gün önce
@MIke Swirled™️ Rolls Royce
MIke Swirled™️
MIke Swirled™️ 6 gün önce
@Gabriel S I can read I just don’t know what you mean by “RR” is all, sorry.
Gabriel S
Gabriel S 6 gün önce
@MIke Swirled™️ can't you read
MIke Swirled™️
MIke Swirled™️ 7 gün önce
@Gabriel S what?
J.M. Rah
J.M. Rah 24 gün önce
6:09 is always me, lol. Can't wait to try these tips on my next caulking adventure! Thanks!
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 24 gün önce
Good luck!
Mitch H
Mitch H 12 gün önce
Have you had any issues with caulk yellowing after installing? I used to use a brand that stayed bright white...but, is now very difficult to find. I bought some at a big box retailer that caused me to have to repaint after it turned YELLOW
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 12 gün önce
The Dap dynafex is pretty good at staying white.
Doreen Arroyo
Doreen Arroyo 2 aylar önce
Great advice! I wish I had seen this video before I calked the whole first floor of my house. I had a "bit" of a mess with my dripping gun. But now I know, second floor, here I come.
AustralienGuy 2 aylar önce
Aa a painter of 30 years, I never cut my nozzle and therefore never have to turn my tube as it is always the same. The dripless gun is absolutely your best friend. I carry around a paint pot with water and use a chux kitchen cloth. As the cloth has many holes it allows the caulking to easily wash out in my pot of water so I don't end up with a cloth full of caulking, on Australia we call caulk, no more gaps Also with the uncut nozzle and a small hole, if the gun is held at 90 degrees to the gap it leaves no excess. Also you can lean it over slightly and rather than dragging the nozzle push it away from you and the nozzle will act like you running your finger along the gapped crack Or you can stick with what this guy said as it seems to work too May Jesus Bless you All
Mikedc100 23 gün önce
A grout sponge works even better than cloth.
AlanJ Aylar önce
@Charles Atkins I don't understand either. But I think he meant to say he pokes a hole directly in the end of the nozzle. He doesn't cut it, and definitely not at an angle. But that's just a guess. I'm not not sure.
AustralienGuy Aylar önce
@Charles Atkins I already explained how I use the gun, perhaps get someone else explain what I said. As I already said how I use it
AustralienGuy Aylar önce
@Charles Atkins Read my post, I explained how I use the gun Some times I will sand the tip if there is a bit of excess plastic around the tip from the manufacturer ingredient process, or if the gap is huge I will cut the nozzle flush to allow more product th go through
Charles Atkins
Charles Atkins Aylar önce
If ypu don't cut the nozzle, what exactly do ypu do?
Michelle Jordan
Michelle Jordan Aylar önce
Love myself a good DIY and you nailed it. I love myself a good caulk but have always bought the little tiny tubes. Always scared of the big caulk guns! 🤪 You took the fear right away. It's all about the correct tools and the proper application. Easy as pie on the 4th of July. Thanks for the tips and tricks.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter Aylar önce
Happy 4rth! Cheers
debandmike 2 aylar önce
I think caulking is one of the biggest finishing skills there is and it takes lots of practice. Always make your hole smaller and make your beads smaller than you think you need because once you start to smear them out you don't wanna end up with a big blob on your finger as your moving along.
Robert Poindexter
Robert Poindexter 2 aylar önce
Why are you touching or smearing anything learn to caulk….
Tom Mc
Tom Mc Aylar önce
Great tips, especially pre-forming the tip and using an orientation line.
Fred Houweling
Fred Houweling Aylar önce
Great video, a tip I learned is that sticking the left over tube in the freezer prevents it from setting in the tube during storage.
M P 2 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing. I have always sucked at caulking and I am getting ready to caulk all the new baseboard and door casings that I've installed in my home. I've been dreading this as I usually end up with a hot mess on my hands and I want this to look professional when it's done.
Dwayne Bearup
Dwayne Bearup Aylar önce
If you apply the caulk as described here you shouldn't have much excess, but if you have a five gallon bucket of water and a damp grout sponge it'll be easier to clear your joints of unintended smears. (Of course, this doesn't work on silicone caulking, but it's great for Alex.)
Kent Pierce
Kent Pierce Aylar önce
I had to search back and find this video just so I could leave a comment. These tips are certified gold! I had a baseboard installation in a rental today and your tips saved me time, mess, and turned out much better than any of my other efforts over the last 25+ years. Thank you!
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter Aylar önce
Cheers Kent, I’m happy the tips worked well for you🍻
Ramp Tower
Ramp Tower 2 aylar önce
Dude that pre-sanding tip is a MASSIVE HEADACHE saver, outstanding. Oh and putting marker line on as guide, genius.
Lenny 12 gün önce
Tip. If you have a RAT test for Covid, depending on the kit you have, don’t throw away the tube that holds the liquid. It fits tightly over the opened nozzle tip to prevent the caulking paste from drying.
Frederf Aylar önce
Adding: plan your movements. The fewer start-stops tend to be smoother and cleaner. I might start my hands wound up oddly to unwind following a path that does a long uninterrupted bead. With those cheap guns you can smack the back lever to release pressure just in time for a poor man's dripless.
Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell 2 aylar önce
Why did you describe this demonstration as "brutal"? As a reasonably experienced lifelong "home handyman," I thought both your advice and your presentation were EXCELLENT, in every respect. Most-if not all-of us take caulking for granted and make somewhat of a mess when we're doing it. Thanks to you, my future caulking jobs will turn out far better than they used to! I'm very grateful for your taking the time to share your methods.
Alejandro Moreno S.
Alejandro Moreno S. Aylar önce
He saw all the edits, bloopers, stumbles mistakes etc, we did not. That's probably what he is referring to, exactly what you did NOT see.
Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Cunningham Aylar önce
Great advise! Ty. I love doing the orientation line. Has helped me tremendously 🙂
Msingerdesignsllc Aylar önce
I’m a caulk a holic. I do a load of finish work and love to make my projects look perfect! Ty so much for the time saving tips!
Mar Val
Mar Val Aylar önce
Quick video with awesome tips! A must for every homeowner! After watching it, you’ll have a ‘duhh, why didn’t I think of that’ moment lol 😆 Thanks-we appreciate it!
Norm Porsch
Norm Porsch 3 gün önce
Remember to always look at the tubes and the recommended caulking bead round or flat great advice on this video
Nate Adams
Nate Adams Gün önce
Great video! Really appreciate the tips. I've been using caulk for years and now I now why my lines are messy. Quick question... Do you ever caulk the shoe molding where it touches the floor? I'm asking because shoe molding is never completely flush with the floor, so I caulk. But months or a year later it kinda of just separates from the bottom of the floor.
Leonel Galan
Leonel Galan Aylar önce
It's good in theory I have yet to caulk trim in job sites that are perfectly flush against the wall. They are either from flush to gap to flush or slight gap to big gap. Only time it worked was on a brand new home built from scratch. You rarely caulk trim that's perfectly flush out here, usually the framing has a couple 2x's that bump out the trim or a door jam that's sticking 1/8" to 1/4" from the wall.
Amy Doucette
Amy Doucette 14 gün önce
Thank you for the information! We live in an apt and they had new windows put in. There are gaps around the windows on the inside that they never filled in but the outside is sealed. I’ve been trying to do it myself but it’s honestly been a pain to get done because of the mess. I’m going to try to finish it correctly.
The Seagull Studios
The Seagull Studios 2 aylar önce
Your tips are making a lot of sense even though I haven't tried them yet. Thanks for posting.
Der Stadtbewohner
Der Stadtbewohner 2 aylar önce
Great tip! I love caulking and I would say I'm a good DIY guy at it, but still learned something new. I bought a battery operated caulk gun as a treat for all the money I saved by doing it myself, but it's probably overkill for my few caulking projects.
David Moffitt
David Moffitt 2 aylar önce
Having the right tool is never
Nifty-Stuff 2 aylar önce
Love your videos and tips! Perfect timing since I'm caulking this weekend! Purchased the red no-drip gun you suggested.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Best Wishes on the Job!
CC Aylar önce
This looks so much easier, I'm looking forward to trying it!
John Cooper
John Cooper 27 gün önce
2.6 million views in 6 weeks? WOW - I thought I knew the in-and-out of caulking, but this video is well worth seven minutes of your life. I'm 62yo and have applied enough caulk to make a bead from Denver to Mars, but I still learned from this video.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 26 gün önce
Thanks buddy, I appreciate the comment and you watching
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass 11 gün önce
I always struggled when putting my Caulk tip in the Crack and over oozing! Even my wife noticed how much cleaner my results are. Thanks! 👍
jeff alan
jeff alan 2 aylar önce
Also a quality caulking gun. A customer kept my good one. I bought three of one manufacture one blue, red and yellow, Each one was the same functions. The stolen gun was one I bought at building center, The replacements dripped or flowed excessive amounts after letting go of the handle, I bought one at paint dealer is much better, at a tool dealer have one that is amazing cost 30 verse s the paint stores 14 and 12 at hardware stores. The last one the handle pulls easily, easy of application, also feels effortless in applying the caulking. As a finish carpenter I have to fill if so crown to wall ands base to wall, lot of caulking. Quality makes a difference the rod actual moves backward as you left up on the handle. The hardware stores Newborn the caulking just oozed out, needed lot of pull, and wasted a lot of caulking. First time using on exterior door replacement had caulking all over her siding. She told me it didn't look like that when you arrived and wont look like that when you leave. I had a lot of clean up to do. As contractor either buy quality or waste your time. Beside do you want a homeowner see you using a Walmart El Cheapo or one that look's like quality as my Tajima does, others are impressed on how simple caulking gun can look like art and work with precision. Buy cheap and het poor quality results or buy quality and get prefect results. The dripless gun has flip switch drip or dripless. Tajima rod actual retracts back after each pull is complete.
Grady O'Grady
Grady O'Grady 10 gün önce
Man, I've been caulking for more than 40 years, and I'm pretty good, but the orientation line and sanding the tip are game changers! Thank you
L. Rod282
L. Rod282 2 aylar önce
Good advice, thank you. I've always had issues with the silicon caulking, what do you recommend the best cleanup solution for silicon?
frostyjhammer 2 aylar önce
The "groove" tip looks great -- gonna do that with the sandpaper next time. Except I can't wrap my head around calling that a groove; I'd call that a chamfer or a bevel. But whatever you call it, it's a great idea, thank you.
Nolz Aylar önce
@Ace Pairfecto and my caulking is actually flawless, doesn’t take someone with half a brain (painters) to caulk a line and smooth it off🤣
Nolz Aylar önce
@Ace Pairfecto imagine thinking caulking is exclusive to the most joke of a trade… painters. Your trade involves moving a brush, more like a leisure activity for old people
Nolz 2 aylar önce
@sunthroughtheblinds if you actually work in construction, where I have done this countless times as a carpenter in fitouts, you’ll find “cut a groove” from a nozzle is common
Nolz 2 aylar önce
@sunthroughtheblinds I didn’t say groove was the word lol, I said it’s a more appropriate term, he could of meant cut a groove implying the shape to suit chalking a groove. You are being too critical in your thought process clearly
sunthroughtheblinds 2 aylar önce
@Nolz a groove is an indentation into a surface, like on a vinyl record. the caulking tip here is obviously doing what a needle would do on a record - fitting into a groove, made here by say a floor and a base board. the tip is quite clearly the opposite of a groove - it’s fitting into one
Double D
Double D 2 aylar önce
Also, A couple of drops of dish soap in a spray bottle sure helps make the finger smoothing go much easier and cleaner. Run your bead of caulk, spray a light mist over the bead with the soapy water, a little mist on your fingers and swipe. Works like magic!
Robert Poindexter
Robert Poindexter Aylar önce
@Terri Smith is probably a “20 year pro” still putting his fingers in caulk…smdh
Robert Poindexter
Robert Poindexter Aylar önce
@Terri Smith you might not…I havnt touched caulk with my fingers since my 2nd week on the job…this line of work is literally the preferred choice of meth heads..shit isn’t rocket science …you wanna make things complicated go for it my guy
Terri Smith
Terri Smith Aylar önce
@AustralienGuy If I had a nickel...
AustralienGuy 2 aylar önce
@Terri Smith I can run beads on my trim work and not have to finger it down
Rodney Moss
Rodney Moss 24 gün önce
Wow I just learned a world of knowledge for my diy projects because my caulking was ok and sometimes horrible. The orientation line and the drip less chaulk gun, i never knew and this video made me want to subscribe and see what more I can learn. Excellent job brother.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 24 gün önce
Thanks for checking out the video Rodney, best wishes on future projects!
David Clark
David Clark 2 gün önce
Love this, I just caulked my whole kitchen reno, Only 1 tube of caulk used? in the past it would have been a box of rags and 3 tubes. Caulking has always been a challenge for me. This was a game changer for me. Thank you.
HondaHornet600 8 gün önce
Thanks for the great tips! Liked the sanding part. I have an other tip. When wiping with my finger, I always have a small bowl of dishwash and water to dip the finger in before wiping the caulk. Makes it much easier and the calk wont stick so much where it´s not supposed to. Also makes it easier to correct smaller mistakes.
Nellz 2 aylar önce
Thank you! I watched one of your previous videos and it has changed everything. Never thought i would not dread having to use caulk. The caulking gun you recommended is awesome! Worth every dollar.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Thanks Nellz, I’m glad the tips worked for you🍻
Carlton Adams
Carlton Adams 2 aylar önce
I've needed this one for 45 years. The line on the tube is great idea. I use a spent 28 gauge shot-gun shell for a lid on partially used tubes of adhesive or caulk. Fits perfectly and never dries out.
Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes 2 aylar önce
@Willy Van der Schueren yeah man, I just used a tube of caulk today that was open, and has been open for 8 weeks, i pulled the nail out, and it came out like I opened it today. So it's a method that just plain and simple works.
Willy Van der Schueren
Willy Van der Schueren 2 aylar önce
@Chris Rhodes man, that sounds like an excellent storage solution. Thanks!
Chris Rhodes
Chris Rhodes 2 aylar önce
I just use a roofing nail and a piece of painters tape.
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Cheers 🍻, thanks for checking out the video
Ducu Soare
Ducu Soare 2 aylar önce
Does all this apply to real-world cases where the crack varies in width from the 1mm we have in this video to the 5mm we are accustomed to? I imagine the pinhole turns into a 3-4mm pipe and profiling the nozzle and angling the cut won't make that much of a difference.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Aylar önce
I had a disaster yesterday with the problems described! All of them! 😄 I fortunately ran out of caulk. I will try your tips tomorrow at round 2. Thanks for the tips 👍
Nathaniel Morin
Nathaniel Morin 2 aylar önce
I'm a window and door installer. Two things: #1 caulking in trim is a bad idea. Especially when using MDF mouldings, they shrink and expand far too much and in 9 out of 10 cases it will separate your drywall paper or paint from the wall. #2 a square cut tip is superior to ANY slanted tip because it's omni directional. You can achieve the same or better and cleaner beads by "pushing" the caulk into the remaining cavity AND you can see it fill from the front of the bead meaning less necessity for going back over and building beads up. I've pushed probably nearly 50 000 tubes of various different kinds of caulking and this trick works with every single one.
Me Aylar önce
An awful lot of caulkfighting going on in here. Personally, I hate when someone pushes on the caulk. Pulling it, on the other hand, (while also keeping it wet) gets the job done in no time!
IAmMoparNut Aylar önce
@Baldspot Always. It's faster, neater, cheaper, easier to service in the future. Also, if you do the trim right, there really isn't a gap at all. Caulk is a band-aid to hide flaws that shouldn't be there imo. Just my opinion, nothing more, I know I won't change minds lol.
BlackSwan912 Aylar önce
@Baldspot pardon me? You disagree with that approach? I’m fast and I’m good and a damp rag cleans it up beautifully into a sharp crease.
Nathaniel Morin
Nathaniel Morin Aylar önce
@Baldspot just counting windows I've installed roughly 20 000. Plus doors plus overhead doors. My company also does tin cladding and there's lots of caulking to do with that as well. And we do siding....
Baldspot Aylar önce
@Nathaniel Morin I'm curious how you went through 50,000 tubes of caulk then. Something doesn't add up.
Laura K.
Laura K. 2 aylar önce
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! My husband thought I was nuts when I asked if he had a “dripless” caulking gun!! Then he saw why! All of your tips were easy, useful & effective! But that ‘ORIENTATION LINE’ was genius! You are the best!! I am now the ‘Caulking Queen’ in our family!!!
robert mayes
robert mayes 2 aylar önce
lol caulk queen
The Funny Carpenter
The Funny Carpenter 2 aylar önce
That is awesome Laura, I’m so glad the tips worked for you!
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