Search Party Season 4 - Funny Moments

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Jared Standefer

Jared Standefer

Yıl önce

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gorobot Yıl önce
Love Drew's face when he's hearing about the baby in the sewer story.
gorobot Yıl önce
Chantal's lawyer getting frustrated killed me.
Alphamikee Yıl önce
The drunk three way kiss lmao
MeisterCody Yıl önce
I reaaaally love the untouched recurring joke that Elliot (& Portia?) have children.
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell Yıl önce
"Doris Monkey is a...she was from that...she was incredible in that...what was it, the...with the little animals...and I was trying to be her for Halloween one year, and she would, in the interviews, she'd go 'Zabba-doo'..." I died. 😂😂😂 (Episode 6,
Cedric Mathew Hudson
Cedric Mathew Hudson
"WAS THAT A BOOK?" always kills me
Liviaaa Yıl önce
You left out the scene where the clapping light won’t turn off so the audience of that talk show won’t stop clapping at Chantelle’s nonsense
MeisterCody Yıl önce
Also sorry the roundabout scene is peak humour.
13strong Yıl önce
I love that they don't tell you whether or not the baby died... I mean, I'm assuming it did, but still.
Berna R
Berna R
Chantal is hilarious I cannot 🤣
TJ English
TJ English Yıl önce
I can already tell that vid that guy took of drew calling dory a murderer is gonna be a big deal in season 5
fla la
fla la Yıl önce
Connor Malbeuf
Connor Malbeuf Yıl önce
god bless this show
Chaotic Gay Demon
Chaotic Gay Demon
The roundabout scene was brilliant I loved it so much
825Clare Yıl önce
Came here for “After years of serving the community, we have stop...” but oh well this show has too many funny moments to fit in there
alex Yıl önce
god i hope there’s a season 5 !!!!
Emoni Haggins
Emoni Haggins Yıl önce
Dude I thought they canceled this show after the first season im finna go binge watch this
Benjamin Espina
Benjamin Espina
Go watch season 5. It is NUTS. 🙃
mar mar
mar mar Yıl önce
That princess girl is the same girl that was taking pics of Dory by the ocean in season 2 after she gets to New York from Montreal. Right before she gets scared by the puppets. I wonder if that’s just them reusing the actress or if it actually means something.
michibowie Yıl önce
“Zip line from my family’s trailer to their post office”
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