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lolocaust Yıl önce
The guy on the bike filtering between two trucks totally deserved that.
Kjirsten Jorgenson
Kjirsten Jorgenson 21 gün önce
@Moto Ride I understand what you are saying and I know how it feels to be stuck on a bike in traffic in your hot gear, but in general, passing between two semi's that both have large blind spots is a bad idea. I'm sure that there could have been a been a better way to handle it, like waiting until the two semi's are staggered so he can handle them one at a time.
Tyler 22 gün önce
You have no idea what temperature it was out there lane splitting in standstill traffic like that is legal in many hot climate areas because being trapped in traffic at a dead standstill on a highway can be life threatening to someone who isn't in an conditioned cab.
Moto Ride
Moto Ride 29 gün önce
@Kjirsten Jorgenson people like what exactly? Guy was slowly albeit stupidly trying to get by two trucks and made a mistake. I get when bikers speed through cars while filtering, but slowly getting by through middle in high density traffic is only common sense for motorcyclists and should be encouraged. You are avoiding being rear-ended, you are making LESS traffic jam, and you are avoiding heat exhaustion for not waiting all geared up in que in hot summer months. Slowly and responsibly filtering through traffic is common sense for all road participants.
Kjirsten Jorgenson
Kjirsten Jorgenson Aylar önce
@Brian Preston I agree. Its people like that who give motorcyclists a bad name.
Okurka Aylar önce
I ride a bike and I totally agree with you.
James Bronson
James Bronson Aylar önce
I'm so glad that biker had a camera!! That man was soooo disgusting trying to make him responsible !!! 😡😠
rainynight02 18 gün önce
@Akemi Homura I list that people are aware of their surroundings as it pertains to their own direct safety. You ignore that saying they should pay attention. Noone is going to pay attention to absolutely everything around them all the time That's what you ignored, but yes, call me stupid for your own inability to comprehend the obvious.
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura 18 gün önce
your comment makes no sense. seriously. my entire response was catered to what you said. and think i ignored it...i can only think you are trolling at this point. you should have just agreed people should be aware. but you somehow managed to take a stupid path...
rainynight02 18 gün önce
@Akemi Homura Thank you for ignoring what I said.
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura 18 gün önce
just because that is how it is. doesn't mean that behavior is acceptable. people should naturally be paying attention to their surroundings.
rainynight02 19 gün önce
@Akemi Homura "That apparently saw nothing." Yeah, because they were probably watching the light or dealing with something in their cars. Most people don't really pay attention to cars around them except for basic safety of "are they going to hit me" and that's about it. At the stop light, that worry isn't there.
- Thisma -
- Thisma - Aylar önce
Idiot : "You're full of sh** !" Biker : "I'm full of the f*cking footage !" Best line i heard in a while
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura 19 gün önce
OC couldn't even quote it correctly!
hivemind Aylar önce
I’ll pull up the fuckin footage
Artryom Aylar önce
9:07 This one was hilarious, he genuinely just tossed the kid outta nowhere lmaooo
Kendrew Funk
Kendrew Funk Aylar önce
4:52 I had to deal with that before. Dude got arrested for faking a collision for money. I just laughed at him as officers took him away. that's why everyone needs dash cams. Cause of people like this
A.J 26 gün önce
mc driver got up to close acting like a clown
John Durrett
John Durrett Aylar önce
I really dont understand the motive when his car was perfectly fine. Now someone with a dent in the fender trying to blame it on someone besides their incompetent driving I can see happening. Thank goodness he kept a camera rolling. Making false statements and defamation of character charges.
Bradd Libby
Bradd Libby 2 aylar önce
How horrible it must’ve been for that mother to hear the gunshot and to think momentarily that her son had killed himself and then, even worse, to run into the room and experience the heartbreak of realizing that he had not
Rainnifer 16 gün önce
@King Salmon I agree with what you have been saying, but there is one main thing about all of it. god created all of this suddenly but not out of Love, it was for entertainment. he is an "all-powerful" being who's already created angels to love him unconditionally. But mindless worshipping like that is "boring" so he created us, gave us a "choice" (it's not a choice, we either bow down to him or completely suffer, no middle ground because it should only be about him. Selfish much?) so he can watch as our little lives play out. he gets more things to worship him except this time he can feel elated that we "chose" or he can feel elated as he watches us die. "Sin" came along on it's own, because as someone above said, sin is ANYTHING that separates us from god. god is the decider of what he doesn't like. According to the book he made, the very existence of people like me is already not his cup of tea, so we just suffer. Sorry for sort of rant, I know it's very morbid thinking. I actually used to be christian, but thought about it on my own accord and realized to myself that I don't want to devote myself to someone so selfish.. I much prefer to think about love and kindness in their raw ideals, and not religiously. We can be good people without worshipping something like that. I'm sure that means I'm "sinful" but who cares? I already was the moment I was born
G Pavl
G Pavl 17 gün önce
@Dog Dog if God is all powerful then he cannot be all good, and if he is all good then he cannot be all powerful
Shaun ssj
Shaun ssj 19 gün önce
@KNYTE so not believing in god makes you go to hell? Lol what? What a load of bs
ParanoidPumpkin 20 gün önce
coCo~puffsxx 23 gün önce
A Train
A Train Aylar önce
Bro so slick taking off his socks with that pool recovery. I'm dead. That dude wins.
I am Just a Hudson hornet
I am Just a Hudson hornet Aylar önce
9:15 i love how he manages to just chill and think nothing happened
genericjojofan Aylar önce
9:13 that wasn't instant regret that was instant cool as hell
gatedude07 29 gün önce
That little girl who smacked her brother/dad/uncle then chased him, only to come sailing through the air screaming... I'm dead!
Anders Bergesen
Anders Bergesen 2 aylar önce
The guy between the 2 trucks. Not sure if he won the "Most Stupid Man Award" but he is definitely on the podium....
crimsontide1980 Aylar önce
Bikers: "look twice save a life!" Also bikers: passes in between 2 cars while riding a wheelie at 130 miles an hour. "Watch out for me so I can go home to my kids"
T Pilot
T Pilot Aylar önce
@Akhil Batra different countries different laws. Here traffic has to leave a emergency lane for ambulance or towing trucks and bikers are allowed to filter using that . The trucking business has changed and " truckers " no longer give a fû k. Biker is risking bike and life for 2 seconds win. Freedom to make stupid choices .
Luke TheSecond
Luke TheSecond Aylar önce
My brain process during such an intrusive thoughts would be pro/con. Pro: bragging rights Con: Death You'd be surprised how many people weren't hugged enough by their dad
Akhil Batra
Akhil Batra Aylar önce
Lane splitting or white lining. It's actually illegal to impede a motorcyclist from doing that if the traffic on a highway is moving below 15 mph. It's something like that. But in between two semis... There looks like to be another semi in the middle of those 2 as if the lane was being merged. This is just stupidity on the bike rider. Wouldn't say he deserved it, but it was clearly an idiot move.
ImRu1ing Aylar önce
1,200th like😉😄
Michael A.
Michael A. Aylar önce
Great parenting on that first one. Imagine her rubbing her eyes afterward
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Aylar önce
My son does what the kid who broke the glass door does when he realizes he screwed up. That cry and a pain cry are distinctly different lol
hannah banana
hannah banana 27 gün önce
That's a "Oh, fuck. I fucked up and gonna get a whoopin" type cry
Jason Spittz
Jason Spittz Aylar önce
6:09 The stupidity shown on this guy's face is priceless😂.
Jason Spittz
Jason Spittz Aylar önce
@DeeJay Guppy Yeah that idiot that didn't know that a person can choose their own Bible to be sworn in 🤭.
DeeJay Guppy
DeeJay Guppy Aylar önce
Have you ever seen a potato with a brain?
Eugenesis Aylar önce
7:54 Is it just me, or is that guy walking towards that door ludicrously fast?
Moistmoss 25 gün önce
He probably had socks on and he slid on the floor
RedRaids 27 gün önce
Hoping the kookaburra wouldn't fly off.
TheMusicTyrant Aylar önce
Oh yeah… what the fuck. Weird.
Every Movie Hero
Every Movie Hero 2 aylar önce
Mad respect to the guy on the phone for falling in the pool and still going on with the call
Diggs 22 gün önce
ATT Indian Rep: "Thank you veddy much fo calling ATT. How may I make you veery satisfied, sir or maam?" Mr. Chad: "Can you move this pool for me?" ATT Indian Rep: "Ohhhhh, I'm veddy sorry, sir. I cannot be doing this." Mr. Chad: "Hang on......................*sound of splash*.................that got it!" *click* ATT Indian Rep: "Hmmmmph. I guess I am doing it."
Hello mate
Hello mate 25 gün önce
Jesus Christ loves y’all! God bless y’all!
josiemax 29 gün önce
"I MEANT to do that...."
tesrules Aylar önce
That man played it smooth as hell
A average war criminal
A average war criminal Aylar önce
@Dacen McLean ????
Dominic Vasquez
Dominic Vasquez Aylar önce
That man in the phone is a badass. I bet if you cut off his leg, he'd just keep hopping like nothing happened 🤣
Sablatnic 24 gün önce
Merely a flesh wound!
Tim Garcia
Tim Garcia Aylar önce
The moms reaction to the baby got me 😂
Elizabeth Elfgrove
Elizabeth Elfgrove Aylar önce
Nobody flips out like that unless they did it on purpose and they know they’re lying. Definitely an insurance scammer. 😂
MR Thisbetterstick
MR Thisbetterstick Aylar önce
And that was the absolute correct response from Mom, upon hearing and seeing the gun her son wasn't supposed to have/kept secret (until stupid).
Gambit 10 aylar önce
The pothead with the gun. You already knew what was going to happen but seeing his mom come in and beat the s*** out of him screaming where did you get the gun with priceless!!!!! Lol 😆😅🤣
William Harris
William Harris 16 gün önce
@shizukagozen777 ever see a crack head wanting another hit? Now that’s dangerous
PeacefulJoint 21 gün önce
@shizukagozen777 Lmao him smoking had no outcome in shooting a loaded gun accidently. Only a dumbass dances around with a gun, loaded or not.
shizukagozen777 23 gün önce
@Captain Carnage Gun owners too, but I don't live in the US so we don't have this kind of nuisance here.
Captain Carnage
Captain Carnage 23 gün önce
@shizukagozen777 what about gun owners, because apparently he's one as well?
shizukagozen777 23 gün önce
@Captain Carnage Yes, they are.
VCR Time Machine
VCR Time Machine Aylar önce
0:57 the acting by both of them here is on point. It almost feels like a genuine interaction
Adam 24 gün önce
That was staged? I got irritated by that part quite a bit. Dunno why.
~Cookie Aylar önce
I died at 9:08 lmao....I loved the way he literally threw her xD
Chimney Chap
Chimney Chap Aylar önce
The 2nd shoplifter clip, there's no fuckin way I'd unlock my door with a cop right there haha.
Outlaw 451
Outlaw 451 Aylar önce
Love how the New Yorker gets offend but her reaction still more or less fills the hostile New Yorker stereotype. Felt scripted though.
Captain Carnage
Captain Carnage 24 gün önce
It's obvious fake lmao
FoodaFen 25 gün önce
Yeah it was scripted, however it did feel like a somewhat normal conversation
Rhiannon Hulick
Rhiannon Hulick 2 aylar önce
I gotta hand it to the guy that slipped into the pool, that was a pretty nice save he did.
Kristian Toimil
Kristian Toimil Aylar önce
Agreed, no regrets there!
grayson4physique Aylar önce
@nico schroeder Yup lol
nico schroeder
nico schroeder Aylar önce
This is what experience with a lot of life struggles does to you. 😂
Patrick Aylar önce
Smooth! 😎
Emz Aylar önce
I love that it didn't even interupt his call. Smooth as butter.
Fred Puntdroad
Fred Puntdroad Aylar önce
I may have been guilty of that first clip, after telling our little one repeatedly not to grab random things off the countertop or table and put them in her mouth. Maybe the peppers being closest to the edge were not entirely an accident.... 😆
noone nihil
noone nihil 26 gün önce
put some carolina reapers there next time
jeremy roberts
jeremy roberts Aylar önce
Lmao 😂 I mean that’s one way to teach them, I don’t see any harm in it
G Smith
G Smith Aylar önce
The dude on the phone who nearly fell in the pool had incredible composure
Arnold J. Samson
Arnold J. Samson Aylar önce
8:19 this infuriates me with not only how she didn't see it when she got out of her car but then everything that followed.
Arnold J. Samson
Arnold J. Samson Aylar önce
@Randy Green not my point, how did she not see the gas pump even though she was on the side of the gas pump AND walked around it
Randy Green
Randy Green Aylar önce
She was afraid for her safety.
SecretGaming 29 gün önce
6:24 I would've had the same reaction as that older woman
Fambo Yoot
Fambo Yoot 2 aylar önce
I'm literally crying at that guy slapping himself with the exercise elastic thing. Fucking hilarious
Joker Nobody
Joker Nobody Aylar önce
@ldkm 2049 He was mostly right with the bands. But if i was doin that and it smacked me in the face , I would walk off too, just out of pure rage for the elastic band. Them things f**king suck
John Ashley
John Ashley Aylar önce
And they're trying to invade Ukraine!
karlie Aylar önce
That was my fave. Actually made me burst out laughing.
Enoxitus Aylar önce
@seemeno1 he was just giving him advice on how to hit his muscles better, and he was clearly buffer, so, pretty sure he knew what he was doing and just slipped
Sean Riopel
Sean Riopel Aylar önce
Nothing better than some know it all teaching himself his own lesson.
Anona Mouse
Anona Mouse Aylar önce
4:31 NEVER tell an insurance scammer you have a dashcam. Let them file a false police report. Otherwise, he'll just do it to someone else instead of sitting in jail where he belongs.
Alfredo Rock-Flores
Alfredo Rock-Flores Aylar önce
The guy in the red corvette is literally killing me 🤣🤣🤣👌
Prince Jabari
Prince Jabari Aylar önce
Those cops were real pissed when they realized they were about to lose their job
Bandu02 Aylar önce
idk what that kid was expecting, literally hitting a GLASS window with his hands at full force isnt a great idea BUT THAT KID TOUGHT IT WAS
Xeph the Tamagochi
Xeph the Tamagochi Aylar önce
the kid who broke the window needs some MAJOR parenting and help.
Legion 14 gün önce
@Xeph the Tamagochi More background would be needed.
Wouldntyouliketo know
Wouldntyouliketo know 15 gün önce
@cityinsect I can surely say out of all the times I was spanked as a kid, ( I totally deserved it), I've never had any type of "trauma" and I totally respect their decision.
James Price
James Price 15 gün önce
@cityinsect yes
General Franco
General Franco 19 gün önce
I don't think he was really to blame, probably his older brother tormenting him and now the poor kid is going to be blamed and punished for something he would have otherwise not done. Still didn't control his anger and shouldn't have done that, but I definitely believe whoever was recording him has some major culpability in the situation. Either way I feel bad for him, you could tell he didn't mean to do that.
General Franco
General Franco 19 gün önce
@V P Watch how your little angel turns out. Bet they're one of those raised by a tablet and youtubers child who has no respect nor discipline. Thankfully it's your problem and not mine 🙂
DillonDaBoss Aylar önce
That really got me that guy just casually says uh oh after a forklift impales his truck🤣
Marzipan Quiche
Marzipan Quiche Aylar önce
I think the most non-consequential and funny one was the mom seeing the friends baby and cringing before realizing it was a live call 😂
kummer45 Aylar önce
"What the hell are you doing with the gun?" Imagine telling that to the Ukrainians. :P Anyway that was the best clip ever.
M 3
M 3 25 gün önce
Or to the paramedics.
David Broy
David Broy Aylar önce
I feel bad for the dude giving the workout tip, he was def gonna give some good advice
Trev-Bot Aylar önce
“First time driving a forklift, watch out for the customer’s truck” I’ve seen enough comedy sketches to see where this is going
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 14 gün önce
That kid SO did it on purpose. Staged or not, shit was intentional LOL
Kathleen Ferber
Kathleen Ferber Aylar önce
@1 Down, 4 Up Workshop I agree. The father said loudly Turn to your right. The boy didn't even try.
Lady mizuki
Lady mizuki Aylar önce
Time stamp?
SWM Videos
SWM Videos Aylar önce
@Scott Leadbetter Dad wasn't too far away either- he couldv'e walked-not even run- to the cab and turned it or stopped it- even w/the phone-cam in one hand.
Nuppy Aylar önce
"uh oh"
Edward Aylar önce
9:21 That was a better recovery than I expected
Christopher Corona
Christopher Corona 23 gün önce
Mad respect to the guy on the phone for falling in the pool and still going on with the call
CLACKER3021 Aylar önce
2:53 this man didnt get forklift certified 💀
EpicNoelB Aylar önce
I love how the dude smoking with the gun was trying to act all cool but he gets scared at the gunshot and then his mom
koutsion Aylar önce
I like how the guy with the gun thought for a moment that his joint blew up xD
Huh? Aylar önce
9:13 that recovery was smooth
Spaw R
Spaw R Aylar önce
6:50 is heavy and F'd up man. As a former leo I want 5 mins alone w that cop. And my lawyer afterwards.
Kayla Hall
Kayla Hall Aylar önce
That girl at 8:20 was having a bad day 😂🤣 Dude, your compilations make me laugh so hard
Gunner4pay 2 aylar önce
9:10 the kid flying back across the room killed me instantly
Melinda Jimenez
Melinda Jimenez 23 gün önce
@cholesterolkilla yes lol
Ken Riehl
Ken Riehl Aylar önce
It’s just the best
poohfanyu Aylar önce
The way she looks like a rag doll 🤣
agust zweifel
agust zweifel Aylar önce
YEEEET the child.
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak Aylar önce
Love that one 🤣🤣
Adam hanvey
Adam hanvey Aylar önce
i love how bro was singing being educated while breaking the first rule of gun safety
M 3
M 3 25 gün önce
I worked out that the camera was threatening his life. 😂
Нёрш Aylar önce
3:24 i like how the kid just watches at the camera man
LordFishsticks TheGreat
LordFishsticks TheGreat Aylar önce
I love how when the guy said "hey im walking here" the women proved the stereotype by exploding on him
HighlandWinterWolf Aylar önce
Yeah you could definitely tell the guy was joking. That lady needs a good ice cream sundae and a good strong whisky gravedigger. That's equal parts whisky, apple cider, and ginger ale.
Sam A
Sam A 22 gün önce
The "forget about it🤌" got me.😆
Mike G
Mike G Aylar önce
That girl accusing the driver of following her and creeping on her, I had that happen once out of the blue, it was very awkward to just shrug at a screaming woman and trying to say "lady I didn't even know you existed until you ran up on my window and started yelling."
The Milk Man
The Milk Man Aylar önce
but like imagine being in her place and not knowing about the hose and seeing dudes following her to her house especially in the age we live in now
Cabbage Aylar önce
6:29 Gotta say. That Dad KNOWS THE DEAL.
Mark A
Mark A Aylar önce
4:46, I wish I could've seen his face when he found out he was busted.
Lucius Stryker
Lucius Stryker Aylar önce
I really liked the bodybuilder showing the other bodybuilder how to use resistance bands. He came in with an air of superiority like, "Let me show you how it's done." Then, he failed to do the exercises properly, probably injured himself, looked like an ass in public and on the internet, and was forced to give the band back and slink away in failure.
Randy Green
Randy Green Aylar önce
Wow. Everyone has off moments. From the looks of his physique he’s clearly knowledgeable and was trying to show the other smaller guy a different way to help him out. He didn’t fail he was just embarrassed.
House of Pain
House of Pain 2 aylar önce
Damn, so I guess no one is going to say anything about the cop planting crack and then going after the person recording when found out he was caught?
Jenna G
Jenna G 20 gün önce
@Xob Well no need to keep apologizing for being white snowflake bc no, if you actually bothered to research it for even 2 seconds you'd know that the cop planted nothing. Big brained people everywhere. And btw, even if the cop did plant something what does that have to do with YOUR skin color? Are y'all really this gd brainwashed? This shit needs to stop already. Look up stuff for yourself. When you hear something on the news, don't just go by what they said and basically told you to believe. Go research it on your own and come to your own conclusions ffs. Apply logic and rationality and common sense. Jesus
Xob 20 gün önce
Was that real? 😰 Jesus Christ it's so fucked up. I didn't know that type of shit was STILL happening to this day around 2022. Proves that I'm white I guess..
Jenna G
Jenna G 23 gün önce
@LaDukey Except he didn't plant anything ya genius.
Jenna G
Jenna G 23 gün önce
@94XJ Haha ..sadly the facts you posted will go ignored by most and they'll continue to push a false narrative anyway. People are stupid
Big Quazz
Big Quazz 23 gün önce
That's because he wasn't planting. The video was clipped and conveniently missing the part where they first found it. The guy in handcuffs admitted to it.
Squid Hammer
Squid Hammer 29 gün önce
1:45 i love seeing reckless drivers on motorcycles receiving their comeuppance.
Rixoli Aylar önce
Can we take a moment to respect how fucking smoothly 9:12 just rolled into that seated position and kept his call non-chalantly?
Melchior Merrowson
Melchior Merrowson Aylar önce
Danny B
Danny B Aylar önce
6:00 this is GENIUS. I LOVE the look of incredulity on his face, as it dawns on him JUST how stupid he is.
Shwappa J
Shwappa J Aylar önce
It took him 7 seconds to process. Yes, I actually counted.
Alwaleed Khalid
Alwaleed Khalid Aylar önce
4:32 that old fart can’t even whistle bro 😂
James Price
James Price 2 aylar önce
Homeboy just did a 360 into and out of a pool and never missed a beat on the phone ... That's how it's done
John Ashley
John Ashley Aylar önce
My neighbour said that when he was taking down his garage roof. He answered the phone and went through the sheeting, but ended up landing on his feet with the phone still to his ear.
Goldball Industries
Goldball Industries Aylar önce
Guys don't click that link
the Aylar önce
Yo 😱
Edthekilekiller Aylar önce
Definitely gives off "task failed successfully " vibes
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn Howard Aylar önce
HJ L Aylar önce
4:25 When the car has more horsepower than the driver's brain cells🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Malone
Ryan Malone Aylar önce
I love it when the revolver goes off, he looks at the joint like it’s at fault. 😂😂 Jake Tapper is a very patient man. Why are right wingers consistently so stupid?
IAmSeamonkey Aylar önce
woman: trips on a balloon and smacks into the hard pavement ground, hitting her head that same woman, calmly: "that wasn't a good idea imogen"
Mikko Valtonen
Mikko Valtonen Aylar önce
9:13 that dude is an absolute boss :D
JimAboo's Channel
JimAboo's Channel Aylar önce
God that Congressmen's face kills me when he's told how stupid he is lol.
JimAboo's Channel
JimAboo's Channel 21 gün önce
@alhomsiyyah I agree with you there.
JimAboo's Channel
JimAboo's Channel 21 gün önce
@raelik777 Good point there.
JimAboo's Channel
JimAboo's Channel 21 gün önce
@Joseph Hodges I knew, one of my uncles told me when I was a teen.
Ray 25 gün önce
Probably on Harry potter's books too...😂
alhomsiyyah 27 gün önce
@Faken Namel your comment shows that you don't understand what shari'ah even is to begin with. Part of the shari'ah is to obey the rules of the land you reside in. Why would a Muslim get kicked out of the US when there are millions living within it peacefully and lawfully?
GemNinja Aylar önce
1:00 That dude caught that lady on a bad day👀💦😂
Love Camping
Love Camping Aylar önce
I just would love to know what became of the dirty cop planting drugs after being caught on camera. So typical but so sad!
lego technic shorts15YT
lego technic shorts15YT Aylar önce
9:43 When that piece came up and slapped him in the face. I" Almost thru my phone. That scared me So Bad!" I even watched it again and still got scared😬
Venriot Aylar önce
8:20 Ma'am I know you're scared but how could you look the car behind you and not see the gas pomp... There is 3 mirrors on a car and one can let you see what happens on the side of the where we put the gas, so how, HOW ?! Okay... you're scared that's normal but at least say "thanks you" or some apologies would be nice
Squidward With Blonde Hair
Squidward With Blonde Hair 2 aylar önce
The dude who was trying to drive between those two giant trucks had it coming ngl. He’s lucky it was his bike and not him
Blurqwert Aylar önce
4:43 that’s probably how he got money for that car
SpiderRexT8 Aylar önce
0:25 the sheer terror and Realisation on her face 💀
Ildefonso Girón
Ildefonso Girón Aylar önce
3:22 No way I would ever tell my wife or daughter to turn right or left via voice. They can't tell the difference. I have to point them with my hands 😬😬😬
Heinemann 007
Heinemann 007 Aylar önce
If he’s old enough to drive a forklift he’s old enough to know his fuckin lefts and rights.
eadghe Aylar önce
6:22 What really people are like. Laughed at the mother's reaction and the dad trying to do damage control, obviously in vain.
ImMemePotato 2 aylar önce
So is no one gonna talk about 4:32? People like the old man make my blood boil to the top of the roof… I hope the biker got justice
Shwappa J
Shwappa J Aylar önce
@Hans Von Mannschaft Yep, he got himself in the bind
Christine C.
Christine C. Aylar önce
You're talking about it. It literally does not matter if anyone else does. These type of comments are just ugh.
MrWolfSnack Aylar önce
It's called insurance fraud.
SingingMan Aylar önce
@Sean Riopel they can still do that, he called the police over to him, also insurance fraud 🤔
Tesla Aylar önce
@Kevin Mitchell I'm assuming he did it on purpose for insurance fruad
Lukorwar_YT Aylar önce
6:55 "Ladies and gentlemen, He's racially motivated"
Decaytred Aylar önce
When I was little, some older teen offered me a pepper as a joke. I mistook it for small paprika and ate it wholly. 10 minutes later, I knocked my brother out of the way to get to the tap water crane. Ahhh, good memories
skull Aylar önce
8:09 the way you cut out the "AHH" was perfect 😂
Braulio Paulino
Braulio Paulino 26 gün önce
The kid being tossed had me weak af
Chance Johnson
Chance Johnson Aylar önce
Dude who slip in the pool is a champ. Didn't drop the phone in the water, didn't interrupt his conversation, didn't wreck his face kissing hard the poolside. Catches himself and just sits there like that was the endgame.
Erime Aylar önce
He was probably an athlete in his younger days. He's got good reflexive situational awareness and coordination.
Shwappa J
Shwappa J Aylar önce
Gigachad never quits a phone call over trips
Honza Šenbauer
Honza Šenbauer Aylar önce
Thats not instant regret, thats an alpha move
blueknight Aylar önce
Not a champ, but an idiot. If was watching where he was walking instead of concentrating on the phone in hand, he wouldn't have walked off the side of the pool.
AshLight Aylar önce
7:18 although I have never held a real gun. What I know about gun safety is to never do stupid stuff like this and to KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THR FLIPPING TRIGGER
Ryan MacCulley
Ryan MacCulley Aylar önce
That roll save at the pool was LEGENDARY
TheHighKirk Aylar önce
Lane splitters deserve everything they get.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Aylar önce
7:27 In that situation, cover up the gun and stare intently out the window as if you *also* were wondering wtf that sound was.
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Aylar önce
@Artryom When I was in jail for 3 days for speeding. During lunch, I told the guard that I wrote a poem on the wall, to help a person's mentality while they're in there. I didn't tell him you could only read it when you're laying on the bottom bunk though; GOOD THING! Because he told me to immediately wash it off(It would have taken me at LEAST 3 hours to wash it off). I said okay and he followed me back to my cell to ka esure I cleaned it. Luckily, someone got his attention while I kept walking to my cell. When I got back to my cell and wrote a different poem, really tiny, on the closest wall by the door. And started erasing it with water and paper towels, JUST as he got to my door to see my erasing it. This tactic I've used many different ways in my life. You need to have a good grasp on what the other person knows, and doesn't know.
Artryom Aylar önce
With your hands behind you and a serious passionate blank stare. Or ya ded..
Backyardmech1 Aylar önce
The dude with the gun had me cringing, but also laughing a bit when I watched the gears in his head turning.
DeeJay Guppy
DeeJay Guppy Aylar önce
Even if he had ANY "gears" up there, they would have needed the world's supply of lube or whatever to turn.
Mean Gene
Mean Gene Aylar önce
Very, very slowly…
Huh? Aylar önce
@Jim Nasium 💀
Jim Nasium
Jim Nasium Aylar önce
Gears? Those were crushed up Filet-O-Fish boxes. 🙄
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall Aylar önce
not sure which is scarier to him, the fact that he's committing a felony by handling a firearm while using drugs, or his mom kicking his ass
Alexis Helm
Alexis Helm 15 gün önce
3:05 - hang on, that's not enough damage.
LEminSSS _
LEminSSS _ Aylar önce
Bro at 9:18 was so smooth that he just sat there with his call on continue.
Judman Aylar önce
2:53 Son: How fake do you want this to be Dad? Dad: Yes.
Skarmex Aylar önce
9:06 I don't know why but I broke at that one. Sooooo god dang funny.
Michaels_World 2 aylar önce
Dude pops off in his room and looks at the blunt like it might not have actually happened.
MasterIceyy 27 gün önce
Honestly fucking around with a loaded and cocked gun is a way to win yourself a Darwin award
jsvice Aylar önce
@Hook training 3 no only idiots do. normal people dont play with guns, normal people check to make sure they are unloaded when they are cleaning them, only dumbfucks play with guns and act like an idiot with a gun, those same people that should never get guns, but they do and 9 times out of 10 other people pay for idiots having guns
Kevin J
Kevin J Aylar önce
@Josh Gehman The homie had a desk pop the other day with his .357 Got a free kneecap rearrangement.
JesusChrist IsTruth&LoveForALL
JesusChrist IsTruth&LoveForALL Aylar önce
Matthew Loveridge
Matthew Loveridge Aylar önce
Best comment 🔥🤙
Luke TheSecond
Luke TheSecond Aylar önce
I love the fact that the girl bumps into him, and when he makes his new York joke her years of taking her kids to soccer practice resurfaces and she turns full karen
Kryptik Aylar önce
Dude on phone slipping into pool played it off like a boss!
Clockeye Aylar önce
1:36 "I'm just gonna lane split, cuz i can." *begins to 🤪*
Toby the Glen
Toby the Glen Aylar önce
1:36 I like how motorbike guys always do that 'revving' thing so everyone knows they're are doing something sketchy?
Tozzasque Aylar önce
I don't know what that mother was doing, where she was or anything like that, but her reaction time is astonishing: bang at 7:29, slapping his son at 7:39 . Is this the true power of love, fear and anger mixed together?
600firefly1 24 gün önce
I dont blame that mom, i would have went nuts at my son
Proceed 4X4
Proceed 4X4 Aylar önce
@Marksmann proof?
My Google
My Google Aylar önce
That dude musta been smokin' some primo skunkweed.
fantom_rr Aylar önce
imagine hearing a gunshot from your children’s room
Alemayehu Solomon
Alemayehu Solomon Aylar önce
One of the more intriguing questions on TRpost 🤣😭 I'd say both.
Neil Usdin
Neil Usdin Aylar önce
Am I a bad person for laughing my head off at 10:31?
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