119 Minecraft Facts!

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119 minecraft facts you probably didn’t know. I went through thousands of different facts and these are my favorite ones
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Credits: @TesterNotJester @Dallasmed65
you guys changed my life over the last year... thank you.

Dadusak Aylar önce
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꧁MIA꧂ 23 gün önce
@Yes so? It’s bc it’s a hardcore Minecraft world so he can leave and join after days💀 and anyone can do that as long as they’re not lazy like me
Yes 24 gün önce
Linkzzey has spent more than 11,000 days in minecraft (and by this post he is at 19,700 days)
TNTjaer 25 gün önce
Let it go let it go can't hold it baek
Hexagon_622 28 gün önce
fun fact i already am
꧁MIA꧂ 29 gün önce
Am not so I can’t join🥲
Andy Brown
Andy Brown Aylar önce
The loading screen for bedrock edition changes to dirt for the overworld, changes to netherack for the nether, and changes to endstone for the end
Squishy 258
Squishy 258 20 saatler önce
Megacad & Geo
Megacad & Geo Gün önce
@Ashtomations who cares though
Jan Lipski
Jan Lipski 3 gün önce
Ashtomations 9 gün önce
@ThatGabPlayz wanna be youtuber
ThatGabPlayz 9 gün önce
@Ashtomations no
notyax23 Aylar önce
Fun fact : many rejected features are usually added to minecraft dungeons for example they wanted to add this blaze boss names wildfire but it was too hard for minecraft so they moved it to minecraft dungeons but its impossible to find unless you play the 30 floors tower challenge which is randomly generated every week so if you play minecraft dungeons you can pretty much predict some minecraft updates
just something
just something Aylar önce
Wait it does?
Xceed Games
Xceed Games Aylar önce
wild fires werent added because they werent voted
Yeti Zombie
Yeti Zombie Aylar önce
@notyax23 I’ve only ever seen it once so I think it is rare
DuplexME Aylar önce
yea i play mcd and its true and fun although the boss is pretty easy cuz its a miniboss
The Ai Witch
The Ai Witch Aylar önce
@notyax23 yea overall the nature of dungeons lets them have the chance to make such mobs/bosses more difficult that would otherwise need to be more "scripted" so to say like the ender dragon having its own arena or needing to nerf it so a fight with it is doable lest it been like the warden and intended not to be
Argie Marin
Argie Marin Aylar önce
In earlier versions of MCPE (or possibly Java), There is a chance that beetroot seeds can be obtained by using a hoe to make farmland. I'm not sure if this happened in Java back then but I've experienced this and abused this fact until they removed it
Nicholas Stanton's Home Account
Nicholas Stanton's Home Account 20 gün önce
I once made a skulk clock using a skulk sensor and a piston. The movement of the piston on retraction causes the sensor to go off, thus forcing the piston to move.
TuftedMocha7 Aylar önce
The pufferfish can be used as an automatic trigger as well as a skulk sensor and has been in the game since the update aquatic in 2018. We've had a trigger like this for a long time.
lank the champion
lank the champion 25 gün önce
Yo R.I.P AQUATIC UPDATE it was short lived. Well ps4 versions of minecraft allow you to play update aquatic
♤¿My Gaming Playz?♤
♤¿My Gaming Playz?♤ Aylar önce
The void is the person who asked-
xBenDaii Aylar önce
The Giant Brick Pyramid actually tested the game on big buildings without crashing. :)
edi sebastian
edi sebastian Aylar önce
The idea of adding advanced redstone in ancient cites is good because you can learn the redstone without a tutorial
Saw the Feesh
Saw the Feesh Aylar önce
fun fact about sculk sensors: they're so annoying and flawed so no one uses them for things other than traps
Torsao Aylar önce
@Cola Coke mum*
Cola Coke
Cola Coke Aylar önce
@Saw the Feesh My neighbor?
Jar jar walter
Jar jar walter Aylar önce
@Cola Coke I did.
Donna Carroll
Donna Carroll Aylar önce
@Cola Coke lol
Saw the Feesh
Saw the Feesh Aylar önce
@Cola Coke *person
Eunji Kim
Eunji Kim Aylar önce
13:27 The glass pillers were about when notch was making progress of the end portal he used it to mark it but he accidentally left in the game and if u mined those glass u would actually get the end frames
Ethan Kin-Ho
Ethan Kin-Ho Aylar önce
You can place slabs on top of each other in 1.19
Lyokoheros Aylar önce
7:40 on the contrary. Not adding these designed mobs would make it pointless. As it would mean there would be 2 wasted (not added) designs, which makes the whole process standing behind voting pointless. Also The votes were specifically told - since the first biome vote - that they would now be about what will be added FIRST. Meaning other options would probably makes its way into the game in the future. And no, TNT dumping is no fun. It's way to destructive... but as long as it doesn't include some tnt replication bugs or other glitches like that... it's not cheatng. Well, generally cheating isn't actually a term which could be applied to single player Minecraft at all.
Lyokoheros Aylar önce
@Stanza Plays yes, which proves my point.
Stanza Plays
Stanza Plays Aylar önce
Remember how mangrove swamps and frogs were in a mob vote?
Marco van Vliet
Marco van Vliet Aylar önce
I did an experiment and the warden can kill the wither I knew they had more hp but not power just goes to show how strong the warden is (this is in the bedrock version could have diffrent results with Java)
Seek Aylar önce
Iron door needs Redstone to open it and a handle might sound weird to add it because u can't open it without Redstone or levers and buttons
Luke Chapin
Luke Chapin Aylar önce
9:40 if you have an iron farm or extra iron just splash it with strength (or not) and then repair it as it fights.
TheCrignr Aylar önce
I just thought of a really cool minigame when hearing the "turtle egg & zombie" fact. You would team up with friends to, well, defend the egg. If the egg gets destroyed, you lose. Oh, and also the zombies come from 4 sides.
GamerSnax Aylar önce
On hypixel a similar thing is there called Creeper Attack (there are creepers that come from 4 sides and walk a straight line to a villager u need to protect the creeper cant be moved from it line but there are other mobs that spawn like zombies and pigmen and even iron golems that try kill you and killing things gives you gold that can be used to upgrade armour and tools.
Twilla Aylar önce
Gravity Dragon
Gravity Dragon Aylar önce
i thought of the same thing!
Fakuu122 Aylar önce
You can also see the spider's eyes while it's affected by invisibility
MeMe Cartoon
MeMe Cartoon Aylar önce
I love watching your TRpost channel! It's always fun to watch.
A Person
A Person Aylar önce
fun fact: in Legacy Console Edition the nether was flat on a superflat. Also apparently Blazes would spawn everywhere in the nether rather than just fortresses.
Romeo Borealis
Romeo Borealis Aylar önce
what the hell thats nuts man holy poop but great commet
issy4897 Aylar önce
14:30 In Terraria, you have to either use a inventory editor or a items server.
Just An ISLAnd
Just An ISLAnd Aylar önce
The light block isn’t new actually! It was originally only in bedrock, I was a bedrock only player at the time, Mojang keeps taking away Bedrock’s special features…. Anyways great video!
Jacob Eagan
Jacob Eagan Aylar önce
Also it looks like a lamp and says number 0-15
Bøxed Aylar önce
Actually they are trying parity so the versions will have all the same features just for different platforms.
CrossIsCool Aylar önce
Ya and it never adds Java features to bedrock
Herobrine Greek 🇬🇷
Herobrine Greek 🇬🇷 Aylar önce
In all Bedrock Editions the loading screen actualy changes depending on the dimension!
Kristibek Aylar önce
15:53 You can still get machine gun bows. All you need to do is give yourself a crossbow with Quick Charge 5. Then you can just spam right-click
{:+ Fiona +:}
{:+ Fiona +:} Aylar önce
Him: Talks about the roots on Mangrove trees Me: Didn't stop me and my sister from making a mangrove house with fences as walls on the side of a mountain, we even had a frog hotel made from the roots and mud! We also had a Frog Retirement Home, sometimes the frogs just need a break, you know?
Crazy vr
Crazy vr Aylar önce
5:20 actually in bedrock the loading screen is netherrack and the end is end stone
CrazyGamer Aylar önce
the iron door doesn't have a handle because you cant just open it, you need a redstone signal or something
Spiritarc Aylar önce
Cuphead10 Aylar önce
The iron door shouldn't get a handle because you can't open it only with Redstone
Deimos_newground Aylar önce
25:16 in the Lore its Redstone made by the old people Who lived in the City. They tried to activate the portal.
Mia! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
Mia! 25 y.o - check my vidéó Aylar önce
In pocket edition maybe Bedrock, the loading screen for the end is made of end stone and nether rack for the nether. It’s dirt for the overworld
Phoenix Aylar önce
In Pocket edition, if you wear a cape, the elytra will have a custom design depending on the cape.
Phoenix Aylar önce
@Donna Carroll Fixed, thanks
Random commenter
Random commenter Aylar önce
Donna Carroll
Donna Carroll Aylar önce
You mean a cape
Demon10ic Aylar önce
25:38 "I can't wait to see what builds the community comes up with"... Anybody gonna tell him about.. You know
Hyper Beam X
Hyper Beam X Aylar önce
I just realised that the soul fire at 12:32 is what actually 60 fps version of it actually is (cause I think that in teh original minecraft, its just 30)
ItzAmphere (Yes)
ItzAmphere (Yes) Aylar önce
down fall for the recovery compass : -Is useless in hardcore mode -If you die with it you lose it so you need to make another one
Jinjax Astromin
Jinjax Astromin Aylar önce
The Recovery Compass is useful, but its useless in Hardcore because you can't respawn. And also, the man you said that survived 100 days in the void, (called IGoByLotsOfNames) only survived for one Minecraft month or 28 Minecraft days, so not even half to what you said.
Upside Aylar önce
i also don’t understand why he didn’t even bother to mention who did it
Beardilova Aylar önce
Dadusak: I can't wait to see what builds come out with the new mangrove wood Literally everyone with the mangrove trapdoor: AMONG US
Wdax 15 gün önce
I remember coming across the brick pyramids from time to time.
TheSecretAbobus Aylar önce
with commands you still can put any protection type in ur armor
just something
just something Aylar önce
Good video but I have to say some things, first i recomend to say when is a recommendation and is not in the game also you should put the numbers of in which one you are and also nice for being team mooblong and now some things I want to say : the dragon egg creating red dragons wasn't the plan for what i know but whatever, what is supposed to be the horse with 2 players part?? Because the way you said that is weird, the 2013 april fools I don't remember to have the coal block speaking or a new difficulty in that update, the turtle egg at 0,0,0 makes sense so i'm gonna test that :) , I guess is a recomendation about the netherack and endstone while traveling between dimensions well that is in bedrock but yea it would be cool, back when pillars of glass existed eyes of ender already existed but they we're not sure about how to locate the portals so they did that temporarily also idk about the minecraft bedrock version can become a world of Stone, the 1.14 god armor was something added by default which they remove because that bugged the enchanting table also for me goats only give one horn per block, why did you speak about eagles if is a recomendation as zebras tho the zebras was more explicit, idk about endermans with drop as diamonds that is weird but yes they had green eyes and also they had zombies sounds as placeholder, having only 5 worlds in old versions idk, even if you trap a warden with the tree leaves he would use the sonic boom, also why you always do that in creative, the update blocks textures was weird in the video whatever, feather falling potatoes is insanely good idea I hope mojang add that, the custom elitra is cool but would ruin the capes, the squid info is real because they copypasted the cow lol also they could leave the water and fly like is nothing, cooked pork by killing pigmans I guess is real, the chain armor being invisible is a cool idea but they really need a crafting recipe, iron golems in nether is also a cool idea tbh and at the end I liked the video but you should separate recomendations from game facts :)
Raminos 15 gün önce
I take 1 whole minute to translate the word I say
Christian Pizzaguy
Christian Pizzaguy 16 gün önce
Yea I’m not
EnderSwat 17
EnderSwat 17 17 gün önce
Wow I totally read that whole thing.
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Aylar önce
allen tsai
allen tsai Aylar önce
The 0,0 turtle egg one is bc the spawn chunk is always loaded so all the mobs are attracted to it
Declan Osterhaus
Declan Osterhaus 10 gün önce
This doesnt make sense, there are over 100 spawn chunks that are always loaded
ComplexCubes Aylar önce
Fun fact: Red dragons are in a mod called draconic evolution found in the end at all 10k coords multiples, named chaos guardian and its Absolutely eild
Kab zzz
Kab zzz Aylar önce
its a heavy mode
ComplexCubes Aylar önce
@The big epic awesome Mike Duncan no just auto correct
The big epic awesome Mike Duncan
The big epic awesome Mike Duncan Aylar önce
Did you have a stroke
Qoyoshi Aylar önce
There used to be a time where you could put every single enchantment in the game on any item, so you could have an egg with protection on it as example.
TranAvia X®️🛫
TranAvia X®️🛫 Aylar önce
@Qoyoshi no in 1.19 its a glitch
Qoyoshi Aylar önce
@TranAvia X®️🛫 I remember sitting with my brother watching him play minecraft when I was like 6, and he was putting every enchant in the game on bricks, lol. Anyways this used to be a thing back in the day, if you can still do it, it's either with commands or mods
TranAvia X®️🛫
TranAvia X®️🛫 Aylar önce
In fact In 1.19 u can do dat.
OCC Plumbing & Restorations
OCC Plumbing & Restorations 15 gün önce
I remember the God armor set, I had one in an old world.
PH8NT0M Aylar önce
Ok, so I made a discovery! In beta and alpha, you could actually have infinite worlds instead of 5. The way you did this is if you set up a Minecraft server, which would generate a new world every time. By repeating this process, you can have as many as you want. Have a good day!
James Glitches
James Glitches Aylar önce
For the yellow leather one they should make it where they get mad so even if you throw them gold they won’t trade if they saw you wearing fake gold
Joyce Garcia
Joyce Garcia Aylar önce
"Instead of dying you'll get sent to mars" My favorite lines
YCREATOR2 Aylar önce
“Light is unobtainable” *Laughs in advanced redstone contraptions*
Amanda J Begley
Amanda J Begley Aylar önce
Fun Fact: The big centerpiece in the ancient cities is actually a statue of the warden. If you look closer, you can see it resembling a warden's head.
filip t
filip t Aylar önce
@_P0w it is (the devs confirmed it)
Amanda J Begley
Amanda J Begley Aylar önce
@_P0w You tell me, I'm still doing electrical wiring so I can't right now.
_P0w Aylar önce
but what if big among us reference?
The Big Bagel
The Big Bagel Aylar önce
With the dirt loading screen on bedrock it has netherack when going to the nether and endstone when going to the end but remember that’s only on bedrock
Nora Brabant
Nora Brabant Aylar önce
Bedrock going through portals has exactly what you want.
TheMagicalPotato Aylar önce
Dadusak: I can’t wait to see what builds the community comes up with! Me: *builds amogus*
Yashiraii•XVII ツ
Yashiraii•XVII ツ Aylar önce
Hello, i just wanna say your content is great. I've learned so much things about minecraft by watching your previous videos. Thanks. 👍
JPdagamer 28 gün önce
A lot of his facts are actually false so I wouldn’t trust him but would trust someone like block facts
Adrian Pînzaru
Adrian Pînzaru Aylar önce
Don't forget that most of it is cut out from other players and theres an entire clip where he just cut a part of someones video for THEIR entire explenation on why 1.18.2 is the holy light for superflat players
Bruh Aylar önce
Hes right i learned alot
Felix YT
Felix YT Aylar önce
I like it but at the same time i dont because fox abuse and i love foxes
Chris Aylar önce
Then you're a noob.
Reaver :P
Reaver :P Aylar önce
Actually that machine gun bow can still be created if u get a quickcharge 5 crossbows from commands
Allyson Brann
Allyson Brann 17 gün önce
It does change to nethrack and end stone for the loading screens on bedrock
Cr1us Aylar önce
20:01 Sb737 still has that god armor, he created in one of his hardcore videos.
Numerixx Gaming
Numerixx Gaming Aylar önce
2:49 Also, honorable mention to Fig for walking to the world border
TotallyAwesome Aylar önce
The Wither can actually beat the warden, its like a 50/50 but if we change to bedrock edition, phase 2 wither gets new attacks. Also if the warden kills the wither it will die by the explosion damage from the death of it
Cian Whyte
Cian Whyte Aylar önce
I like how half the time they're either not facts, or things absolutely everyone knows
Upside Aylar önce
yeah very cool almost like minimal effort was put in to the video
lord of the cats
lord of the cats Aylar önce
I honestly liked the old versions better for some reason now I think there is to much stuff
Deer TWW
Deer TWW Aylar önce
i was building like a mob zoo in my server and i captured warden then he fighted other mobs, so i covered him with 3 layers of barriers and he still could attack other mobs
Milkita Tui
Milkita Tui Aylar önce
wow! we always have everytNice tutorialng to learn! Great to know you!
Nathaniel Weis
Nathaniel Weis Aylar önce
Does the thing with turtle eggs and zombies works on bedrock? It will be a good xp farm.
gerburger hamger
gerburger hamger Aylar önce
A lot of these aren't really facts, but it's a fun video none-the-less
Svein Aylar önce
Honestly, i dont miss the update every week thingy. Would be annoying for server owners to update every week, modders to post their mods every week.
STEVE THE PRO Aylar önce
12:04 you have a lot more, end portal frames, command blocks, structure blocks, barrier blocks, structure void blocks, jigsaw blocks and more Also I found a couple chickens in the ocean
Bordem Aylar önce
the "portal" isnt a portal, its a statue of the warden
SpeedsterOOOh Aylar önce
19:51 I remember I used to put on litterally every enchantment on one diamond sword
Shadowy raccoon
Shadowy raccoon Aylar önce
You could use a rat that eats food out of chest and can damage leather armor and attack players
JJ and MJ's adventures
JJ and MJ's adventures Aylar önce
You grew so much. I remember when you had like 2k subs
Dallasmed65 Aylar önce
Thanks for the facts about my world! Still going strong! 💪♥️
HatGuy Aylar önce
1:15 Man is the mumbo version of building. "Its easy" vs "I'm not much of a builder"
Manosnap YT
Manosnap YT Aylar önce
here is a fact, a max 250 magma cube is the fastest mob in the game, it goes about 500 blocks per second
Staś Darkowski
Staś Darkowski Aylar önce
"It has 50 hearts, which is 5 times less than the warden" (Warden having 500 hearts)
Gladiator 29 gün önce
The portal is a warden head meaning where the warden come from and the warden that come from underground actived by sculk senser is because the portal is connect by the sculk senser
Gamma cosmiore
Gamma cosmiore Aylar önce
I screamed when and my friend discovered a ancient city and screamed even louder when we summoned the warden.
DevTheOPGamer Aylar önce
Actually you can get custom elytra texture in Minecraft by your capes
Random Stranger
Random Stranger Aylar önce
The few actual FACTS are ones that anyone with the slightest knowledge of the game know.
Cyber Corbin
Cyber Corbin Aylar önce
2:30 this exists in the game called "light_block" but i only play bedrock so it might only be on there
Joni Patterson
Joni Patterson Aylar önce
I'll tell you a thing I have a PlayStation 3 whenever I played on it in Minecraft I could create super flat worlds and edit them but not have just sand in the air whenever I got bored of being alone in it I just wanted to fly around to find the blacksmith cuz it's still works like that on PlayStation 3 salute the Pigman with me
Got my 3d printed red diamond play button suuuuuub
Got my 3d printed red diamond play button suuuuuub Aylar önce
2:06 I’m not upset when 1.19 came out, I made a double decker sculk house
THICC YOSHI Aylar önce
What if we ask mojang to redo the vote for mooshroom, glow squid and copper golem, so them TECHNICALLY we're not losing the tradition of voting.
LancePlays 17 gün önce
On the Farlands one, MrCube6 and 3 of his friends actually got to the Farlands in 48 hours. Because their server downgrades from 1.19 to 1.13, then 1.7.3.
Bucket of telescopes
Bucket of telescopes 28 gün önce
17:09 “ a real boss shouldn’t have a spawn egg” Warden: Am I a joke to you.
Jose Leonido
Jose Leonido Aylar önce
just wear a cape, it customizes your elytra
Ink Fazkitty
Ink Fazkitty Aylar önce
you're wrong about the dimension loading screens. in bedrock that does happen so to say that there is no reason not to add it isn't fair. it IS fair to say that there's no reason not to port it over to java.
FrozenPopcorn24 Aylar önce
Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to tell you that, we were given a compilation to watch
ghada jan
ghada jan Aylar önce
The recovery compass: when you place the recovery compass in your house and died you’ll spawn in your house
carbonfusion Aylar önce
oh my god I've finally found a comment section without it having "can we appreciate how much work he does for us" or "5914 that was cool aslamplus"
Vonny Kusuma
Vonny Kusuma Aylar önce
fun fact: if you want to make a 2 way create a 2 way and put a lever and you are able to change the way wich is a 2 way
Just a account
Just a account Aylar önce
I love rats and I think they could be tamed and have different outfits depending on there name.
_P0w Aylar önce
there's a rat mod for java edition, and rat go brrr
OMEGA Aylar önce
In bedrock edition (idk if in java I don't have a cape) when you are wearing a cape (for example pan cape) it will change your elytra design The pan cape one looks like a bee lol
Arnav Paudel
Arnav Paudel Aylar önce
Bro the guy who was in his hardcore for 5 years actually can say “help i just got stuck in my 5 year old hardcore world”
Ali Zee
Ali Zee Aylar önce
Ocelots and cats have way more than 1 thing in common
Rexazonoverflow Aylar önce
In bedrock the nether portal loading world screen is made of netherack the one for the end is for end stone
FoxKing Aylar önce
if rats were added, they should spawn in only villager houses.
MutantTepig Aylar önce
Although this isn't a true facts video it makes up for it with awesome ideas and information. And there is a few actual facts in there too.
that_guy Aylar önce
I love how some of these aren't even facts, like the horse one, and how some aren't even fun, just normal game mechanics like the recovery compass
TheLegoMovies JV
TheLegoMovies JV Aylar önce
I first thought I knew everything about Minecraft. You proved me wrong.
Nardeem Orman
Nardeem Orman Aylar önce
Dadusak: "it would ruin the tradition of voting if mojang added the ones that lost" mojang: **adds frogs** (frogs were from a mob vote and lost)
Dadusak Aylar önce
oh... then forget what I said :D
avx Aylar önce
Minecraft should add a more animals update for example the savanna should include Lions Tigers Elephants Snakes Along side new pets like baby cubs you can tame but won’t do much until they are adults but in other cases there is a mod for this but I think it would be amazing also because I love animals especially baby lions
BridgerSilk Aylar önce
Nice video :D Didn't know most of the facts
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