I Survived 100 Days of REAL LAWS in Minecraft

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Following the law is easy, but not Minecraft Hardcore. And not for 100 days.
This is a silly hardcore 100 days video I've spent the last two months making on and off, so I hope you guys like it :)
I'm terrible at social media!
Twitter: @branzytweets
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/branzylive

Branzy Aylar önce
Come on, did you think I could have it end any other way? ;)
MC Gamer Boy Pro
MC Gamer Boy Pro Gün önce
MC Gamer Boy Pro
MC Gamer Boy Pro Gün önce
mrpizza 3 gün önce
Nihaya El-Abdallah
Nihaya El-Abdallah 5 gün önce
@Coco Gula I hate people who just say “first” for the comment
Nihaya El-Abdallah
Nihaya El-Abdallah 5 gün önce
Nah man
AncientDreamZz Aylar önce
“Lawful is just Awful with a big fat L” Imma be using this in every DnD session 😂
Jikill 14 saatler önce
@EndlessTerrain can i join? i've got a ford pickup. it's the perfect build
ThissIssOnlyyTempporaryy 22 saatler önce
Doin that. Thanks lol
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster 6 gün önce
@EndlessTerrain I just won't ask.
NatureGirl Gaming
NatureGirl Gaming 11 gün önce
GTA at a glance Lol
aarc dave
aarc dave 11 gün önce
DnD session aka discord?
LordMage369 27 gün önce
Branzy: I’m not legally allowed to own a weapon Also Branzy: *flashes sword at parole officer on day 11*
Ather Flame
Ather Flame Aylar önce
You legit got a permit to punch down trees. Mad respect my guy
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Aylar önce
That ending was an incredible yet highly expected plot twist. Keep up the good work Branzy!
 I’m actually subbing to everyone who subs to me
I’m actually subbing to everyone who subs to me 28 gün önce
Lets all appreciate the amount of effort this man puts in his videos, amazing. Keep grinding bro, I love the videos!
Dovid Kahn
Dovid Kahn 16 gün önce
I subbed
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Aylar önce
I never realised real life laws would be so annoying in Minecraft
ttoxinss 12 gün önce
@Beepir i cant carry 70 different pistols!:mad:
Quest 15 gün önce
I agree with this statement
e 15 gün önce
real life laws are annoying in an empty vacuum
Tom Cattanach
Tom Cattanach 15 gün önce
ok you cant evan beat the ender dragon
Lilly_yt 17 gün önce
OMG Togaaa
Jikill 14 saatler önce
"To be good, you broke the law. To save others, you disobeyed the rules. You've succeeded in life." - I honestly have no clue what i'm doing
ItsNicplays yt
ItsNicplays yt Aylar önce
Wow.. this video is inspiring and touching, especially the ending you earned a massive respect from me man keep up the good work!
Greenostrich27 Aylar önce
"your guilty of theft, kidnapping and indecent exposure" Me who always puts back the stuff in villager chests when I'm a bit more op, has never kidnapped a villager and always wears trousers: *are you sure about that?*
No2ble Dasher
No2ble Dasher 6 gün önce
@Greenostrich27 no one has been told.
Greenostrich27 6 gün önce
@Reat uuuuuuuhhh TELL NO ONE
Reat 16 gün önce
you did still steal, even if you gave it back.
Satellite 19 gün önce
Branzy: If I could prove that I never broke the law, will you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? Officer: sure Branzy: blows up the town hall
TimeBucks Aylar önce
The ending is amazing
alalimo980 8 gün önce
I swear
Rafano239 8 gün önce
Mary Eastman
Mary Eastman 10 gün önce
Pheonix 27 gün önce
I was gonna say the same thing XD
Deepanshu Jain
Deepanshu Jain Aylar önce
Itzicerplayz Aylar önce
I love how he just asks “Wanda” to just destroy mobs with a sword and it completely fails lol
[~Koi_SplotchWCUE~] 28 gün önce
*"GARY GET OUT OF THE MOAT"* The fact the villagers were in love with the moat is hilarious
JOHNPLAYS Aylar önce
1:16 I actually did the math for this. 1 block is meant to be 3 feet in real life, so if I divide 3 miles by 3 feet, than I can determine that you would need to be 5280 blocks away from the coast to take from that shipwreck.
Heneral José Alejandrino
Heneral José Alejandrino 9 gün önce
This really helped me to change and do good things to the society that we lived in this video is inspirational for people who want to change ❤️
24 Golden Carrots
24 Golden Carrots Aylar önce
Branzy just went from ex convict to a typical movie villain without realising it 😂😂....
William Goodman
William Goodman 23 saatler önce
Yeah lol
UnhingedDoor 25 gün önce
1:11 yes but does he have his boating license?
25 golden carrots
25 golden carrots Aylar önce
I'm better than you
Cheetah Fire
Cheetah Fire Aylar önce
Agustin Zimpel
Agustin Zimpel Aylar önce
In the search of freeing his town from any crime he had to becone crime itself
Your_average_lesbian Aylar önce
Branzy: I have become a good human being Also branzy: *proceeds to murder tons of people*
xalo Aylar önce
I love how the villagers say no and branzy acts as if they say yes
Latch P
Latch P 18 gün önce
“Lawful is just awful with a big fat L” Branzy - 2022
David Kassa
David Kassa Aylar önce
2:17 if you are going by American laws I’m pretty sure this falls under the right to bear arms
ByteTheDusTT Aylar önce
He's gonna have a hell of a time explaining his search history.
Kritik ShresTha
Kritik ShresTha Aylar önce
@Cosmiccc he is bot
The Glitch-master
The Glitch-master Aylar önce
You know.... Clown and Branzy arent talking about that for one reason; it can be funny for some people, and love is nice thing.
Jevil Aylar önce
@Cosmiccc dude is promoting himself with a guy who died to cancer💀
Laxya Jena
Laxya Jena Aylar önce
@Cosmiccc YoU WaNnA HAvE A BaD TiMe
Project Translate
Project Translate 21 gün önce
So to break the cage, here's a solution: Use a creeper, because it isn't you...and it isn't a dead being or object...it's alive meaning the creeper did it.
rblob 18 gün önce
Someone count how many times Branzy said “Legal, Legally, Illegal, Illegally” please
Reuben 29 gün önce
13:16 technically that isn't littering because it's a carrot and it can be planted and dissolve over time unlike plastic which would actually be considered as littering.
gamercat891 25 gün önce
This is my favourite video on the earth i like how he always edits his video's so good i watch i like everyday!
StrawberryBlueFox Aylar önce
I love that Branzy includes the times he messed up, that honestly just makes it way funnier and more real, too xD
makaden mitchell 2
makaden mitchell 2 Aylar önce
@truong tran ok ay
truong tran
truong tran Aylar önce
menzoplays Aylar önce
Why do you don't do manhunts without patrol officer you should do a manhunt with patrol officer sticks patrol's officer
makaden mitchell 2
makaden mitchell 2 Aylar önce
666th like!
reza, used to be snom
reza, used to be snom Aylar önce
@Shazam Negroid they could have a million reasons, like if the fact that there's very little/no evidence of His existence, etc etc
Don’t Read My ProfiIe Picture
Don’t Read My ProfiIe Picture 24 gün önce
He took getting wood to a hole new level.
HELP ME GET A 1000 SUBS PLZ Aylar önce
Buying land with emeralds seems kinda fun tbh 😅🤣
Dovid Kahn
Dovid Kahn 16 gün önce
Branzy: The value of a Minecraft emerald into real life is $76,657.05. Matpat: Are you sure about that?
After all the effort branzy puts in his videos he deserves 1m subs
Mysterious (hi)
Mysterious (hi) Aylar önce
The fact branzy called the actual hunting services for video reasons makes it even better
eternal_Midnight 17 gün önce
The woman must be so confused lol
xalo Aylar önce
LutasticLu Aylar önce
This comment went from an unnecessary ratio to ‘Jesus loves you’ What a day
thi tam
thi tam Aylar önce
truong tran
truong tran Aylar önce
CCABP Aylar önce
Alternative title: Minecraft but I find loopholes in laws while playing
Andrew Clayton
Andrew Clayton Aylar önce
Just to let you all know, he broke a law by using the chest boat at the beginning
ALunaticOnYoutube 24 gün önce
Alternative title: “Ned Flanders: an origin story”
EditPlays 17 gün önce
The end had me dying and I could not breath you almost killed me keep up the funny work 😂😂😂
imastar489 Aylar önce
Branzy: That looks far enough! 1 block in Minecraft: 1 meter 1 mile: ~1609.3 meters 3 miles: ~4828 meters …meaning that the coast is >300 chunks away, which is wayyyyyyyyy out of render distance. “Far” enough indeed.
Zoe Archibald
Zoe Archibald 8 gün önce
He managed to get away with it
Felicidy Roberts
Felicidy Roberts 10 gün önce
his diamonds are worth $708,769 each so that means if he buys the other chunk he has 4 diamonds That means he has $2,835076
A Random Chicken
A Random Chicken 11 gün önce
Armours = clothes :)
Evanbenn3 15 gün önce
@Rainbow Studioz it's not rocket science.
Jayden Toribio
Jayden Toribio 20 gün önce
In the raid your aim was really good
Adamplayzm Aylar önce
Love The Videos Keep Up The Great Work.
Eimer Hegel
Eimer Hegel Gün önce
"Different countries, different laws" Me in the middle of an anarchy island:
Kabir Sohail
Kabir Sohail 26 gün önce
I really liked this video.Great Job Branzy!!!!
Ember Airlorn
Ember Airlorn 29 gün önce
technically in extreme situations you can fet away with not having permets... like in survival situations hunting and cutting trees isn't illegal, so following the logic that "breaking in" to a nether fortress for emergency reasons, i think the entirety of the game doesn't actually break any laws?
Rohan Sahai
Rohan Sahai Aylar önce
This is probably one of the best videos I've seen from anyone in a long while, keep it up! Possibly turn this to a series?
Jelly smith
Jelly smith 28 gün önce
The Glitch-master
The Glitch-master Aylar önce
He already made series, like Lifesteal SMP
Maxatron10 26 gün önce
Man probably could build a shed in real life with the stuff he bought
LashaBlueGamers Aylar önce
“I couldn’t stand to stand beside a man who didn’t stand for what he was supposed to stand for” -Branzy 2022
Leo Martin
Leo Martin Aylar önce
"No weapons" America - I'm about to end this man's whole career.
TheSpongyBoi Aylar önce
Pro tip if you ever do this again : if the enemy hits you you are legally aloud to fight back because it is self defense
OR56 Aylar önce
2:24 That was perfectly legal. It was 100%, undeniably, self defence. The Raid was also Ok as you were defending a town from terrorists. You merely requisistioned the resources needed to save them.
Sr. Illuminati
Sr. Illuminati 18 gün önce
@OR56 Huh. Weird.
OR56 18 gün önce
@Sr. Illuminati like creatures, if it isnt a human, and it isnt a plant, and it isnt an inanimate object, its an animal
Sr. Illuminati
Sr. Illuminati 18 gün önce
@OR56 They are the frickin undead. How could anyone consider them animals?
OR56 19 gün önce
@Sr. Illuminati yes. but they might be considered animals, so you would need a hunting liscense, but still, even then, it is still considered self defense.
captain Rex
captain Rex Aylar önce
nice vid branzy keep up the great content
Mia Khoury
Mia Khoury 27 gün önce
That whole semtimeltal story just for that had me laughing so hard
MisteryMaster56 Aylar önce
Fun fact. If you take the crops from the village and selling it back to the villages, you’re in theory being payed for labor, aka for harvesting the crops for them.
Dylpickel Aylar önce
Let’s go brandy I’m so glad ur channel grew so much :) last time I looked it was at 80k I’m so glad I’ve grew this much
Dylpickel Aylar önce
Autocorrect I meant Branzy
Wunba Aylar önce
This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen! I was laughing at the accuracy of most of it! Did you really spend $50 on a land permit!? 😂
CursedXyster Aylar önce
369th like i don't know why i made this comment
Orion Hunter
Orion Hunter Aylar önce
@Don't click on profile photo ok
KGS Gaming
KGS Gaming Aylar önce
@V HYPLEX! stop
Don't click on profile photo
Don't click on profile photo Aylar önce
don't read my name ...............
kion shorts
kion shorts Aylar önce
Wanba I love your videos
Leftatronic Aylar önce
“I’ve decided to build a wall around the entire village.” Well folks, here is Attack On Titan but in Minecraft.
Vezs 17 gün önce
now do this in germany and have fun with even more laws :)
Golldy_ Plays
Golldy_ Plays Gün önce
The ending was so beautiful
WitherRage Aylar önce
I love how the intro is so wholesome
Enderpro303 Aylar önce
Fun fact:taking a villager's crop and selling it counts as labor so you can use the emeralds to buy items or (ironically) food
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 Aylar önce
I mean you didn't have to buy the chunks for the wall! If the town voted for the wall, or the mayor had it built, legally you could of just been a "worker" helping to put up the wall for the town ;) Also I think you could saved the allays legally as well, rescuing abused captured creatures is pretty alright! But wow laws in minecraft really suck.
Prussian Ball
Prussian Ball Aylar önce
6:25 that’s not a ripoff, one emerald is worth almost 80000 dollar according to how much you paid for the house
MattSomethingelse_YT 21 gün önce
I just realize the loophole technically you could have a wooden sword as a training sword
Goosifyed 26 gün önce
“What do you do for a living?” “Min- uh My crop- I’m a farmer”
Super_Gus_Gamer Aylar önce
Actually when you killed the mobs in the beginning it counted as self defense. Which means you didn't break a law there.
Spacepup2028 Aylar önce
"I can't have a weapon" Also branzy: has a BOMB
Myles, A Bill Wurtz Fan.
Myles, A Bill Wurtz Fan. Aylar önce
I am taking a point off of the board because of the shipwreck on day 2. I did so because of this reason. By law, if anything within three miles of the coasts of the United States is considered government property, Minecraft blocks are one meter long and a mile converted into meters is 1609.34 meters. This multiplied by three comes out to 4828.02 meters, meaning the shipwreck at the start was government property. The only shipwrecks in game that you could find using this law and strategy is a thousand blocks away from spawn and are in warm oceans and cold oceans. This is so because of the fact that the Atlantic ocean's average temperature is between 42-86 F and the Pacific ocean's average temperature is 38.3 F.
NeonBunnies Aylar önce
I like how Branzy managed to Palpatine his way into becoming a prison warden. This is how you really take power: with a justified excuse at every step
CobraCat 👑🎗️
CobraCat 👑🎗️ Aylar önce
I just realized he ment prison warden and not minecraft 1.19 warden because of this comment....
V HYPLEX! Aylar önce
Ratio + k-pop better🤳🏼🤳🏼🤳🏼🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🤓🤓🤓
Grady Tucker
Grady Tucker Aylar önce
Branzy has so many charges for murder😂
𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐭 𝐯𝐫
𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐭 𝐯𝐫 Aylar önce
This was a great idea!!! love the vid man!!!
Jonjontube Aylar önce
Fun fact: The cop ironically also broke the law as all trials must be fair, no bias, and the cop broke that law, it was even on the first ten amendments in real life. Therefore Branzy can arrest the cop on fair trial if he could. Note to you: If I get anything wrong, please don’t attack me and tell me what I got wrong.
Varun Vadhera
Varun Vadhera 19 gün önce
7:25 practicing medicine without a license, you broke the law lol!
ET_CostaLotta 25 gün önce
U should put a playlist for ur channel so ppl would know which videos are from the echocraft server and which are challenges
TheMidMate Aylar önce
the first 4 seconds i just remembered all the horrendous exploits, torture, and things i did to villagers.
Chron Red
Chron Red Aylar önce
you have forgotten another loophole: technically axes don't count as weapons, because they are used to chop down trees, so.. they are tools, not weaponry xd
Smithskull999 Shenanigans
Smithskull999 Shenanigans Aylar önce
You got a yourself a new sub because I love watching you suffer
Zombie Sazza
Zombie Sazza Aylar önce
“He was like, a very distance 5th cousin, twice removed, on the side of the family that I never speak to anymore for moral reasons” This is way too real
Red Panda.
Red Panda. Aylar önce
@Zombie Sazza yeah man
Zombie Sazza
Zombie Sazza Aylar önce
Bro what in the actual fck are these bots
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley Aylar önce
Are you talking about Technoblade?
Red Panda.
Red Panda. Aylar önce
@V HYPLEX! that makes no sense bot
V HYPLEX! Aylar önce
RATIO + K-POP BETTER🤳🏼🤳🏼🤳🏼🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🧑🏼‍💻🤓🤓🤓
0kay.yess. 28 gün önce
I can't lie, that ending was epic
RealStar2005 12 gün önce
That Gunpowder You Collected For No Reason Cam In Clutch 😂
Alexander Elderhorst
Alexander Elderhorst Aylar önce
Buying a permit to chop wood in minecraft just made me laugh so hard, please give me a break it hasn't even been a minute! Just take your damn subscribe button click! Also body armour might be illegal but a helmet can be excused for safety in an industrial environment, so iron helmets should be fine. Also if you think about it, the armour and weapons can be seen as military uniform, and as there was no military to use the armour your crafted (as a form of work) in defense from the raid, you had to step up to protect the lives of the villagers, by practicing self defense. They had cross bows so using a bow yourself is fair game too.
Shrek the overlord E
Shrek the overlord E 27 gün önce
When I play Minecraft for 24 hours it really makes my day(:
TabSau Aylar önce
"I couldn't legally possess any weapons." *Meanwhile, carrying literal tons of condensed explosives.*
OmegaOverl0ad Aylar önce
Shhhhhhh, you saw nothing…
Revqn Aylar önce
Branzy broke a law pretty much instantly because he used a boat without a boating license.
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