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Watch The Good Witch (2008) Full Movie on Rallie LLC
A raven-haired enchantress, Cassie Nightingale, mysteriously moves into the local haunted mansion, “Grey House”, and seems to change her neighbours lives using a hint of magic causing many to think she’s a witch. Is the town’s new ‘witch’ the real deal or does her vibrant personality just have the neighbourhood spellbound?
Director: Craig Pryce
Writer: Rod Spence
Stars: Catherine Bell
Genre: Romancy/Family

Jim Routis
Jim Routis 2 aylar önce
I just finished all 7 seasons of the series, and I started to watch the movies. I did not really expect that I would enjoy so much this movie, I mean the series had already set the bar very high, but this movie I enjoyed it even more. The cast, the script, the music, a creation of an extremely talented crew. Well done to Hallmark!
g.... 20 saatler önce
nasima khan
nasima khan 29 gün önce
Me even completed till the children graduated
Kimberly Solis
Kimberly Solis Aylar önce
@Laura Richards Netflix
Jim Routis
Jim Routis Aylar önce
@What Women Want can't help you with that
What Women Want
What Women Want Aylar önce
Where can I watch season 6 and 7 I only watched up to season 5 on Netflix
Mario Antonio
Mario Antonio Yıl önce
I've never seen the movies, only the television series because my mom is a fan. Honestly, it's good to see where the show had its beginnings. And I'm glad some of the characters in this managed to make a comeback in the show. Although it's so strange to see Cassie Nightingale like this, I know she's supposed to be a witch but I'm so used to her personality in the show. And I'm glad Martha Tinsdale became of her closest friends.
g.... 20 saatler önce
Colleen Rivera
Colleen Rivera 2 aylar önce
@Moe Ball the series is simply called "GOOD WITCH". Not sure why they took the "THE off.
Moe Ball
Moe Ball 3 aylar önce
@Jossianne 19130 The Good Witch
Jossianne 19130
Jossianne 19130 3 aylar önce
@Moe Ball What is the name of the series?? I would like to see it. THANK YOU!
Moe Ball
Moe Ball 9 aylar önce
You need to see all the movies so you can see how Cassie eventually won Martha over. It took a while, but they did come to be friends.
Jenny Montague
Jenny Montague Yıl önce
I loved this movie. It had all the elements of a good movie, mystery, intrigue, a cast of personalities and devious & interesting characters and everything turning out well in the end. 🐇💕🤬✨stars (5 stars)
mike smith
mike smith 2 aylar önce
that is true where are you wacthing from
Ettoh Joshua
Ettoh Joshua 3 aylar önce
That's true good movie
WhenTheWorldWasAtWar 8 aylar önce
I saw my mom watching the series a few days ago, and sat down with her and saw like 3 episodes in a row, absolutely loved it, really charming, calm, relaxing feel good show, and today I found out there are like 7 movies, so Ill be watching those now, just love it
Colleen Rivera
Colleen Rivera 2 aylar önce
@Toni W. oh hun never be sorry for asking questions. That's how we learn.
Colleen Rivera
Colleen Rivera 2 aylar önce
@Cafe80’s Arigachu the movies are titled "The Good Witch", the series is titled "Good Witch".
David Lockey
David Lockey 2 aylar önce
@ADANINADIA yes this is first movie, I didn't know about the series. Just type in the good witch in to TRpost and it should bring them up
ADANINADIA 2 aylar önce
I have been watching the series just realised that there's are movies... is this the first movie? How can I watch the others? Thanks
WhenTheWorldWasAtWar 4 aylar önce
@David Lockey yep, they are on netflix, same name
Anniek 4 aylar önce
I love how she can make someone feel absolutly at ease even if the situation is absurd. How she turns her magic to logic atleast in the minds of the people she helps.
Ettoh Joshua
Ettoh Joshua 3 aylar önce
Indy 11 aylar önce
Hearing this theme song makes everything right in my heart again. This show was such an important part of my life during a time of navigating challenge using my own intuition.
Theodore Brittan
Theodore Brittan 3 aylar önce
Tina Marie Malinowski
Tina Marie Malinowski 4 aylar önce
@Lauren Howe the show the good witch is on Netflix
Vickie Bunch
Vickie Bunch 4 aylar önce
I hope your navigation led you to where you needed to be, life is a funny thing. I really liked this show too, it was a good lesson on prejudice that was covered by a sweet story. Everyone learned something. Hope you are well! Vickie
Lauren Howe
Lauren Howe 5 aylar önce
@Robert Hillman moo and
Indy 5 aylar önce
@Robert Hillman Amen.
Piddy 3825
Piddy 3825 Yıl önce
omg, I am smitten by Catherine Bell! I absolutely adored the series and was glad to have found this movie here on TRpost. I can't get enough of her, been admiring her since I first saw her on the TV series, JAG.
John Christian
John Christian 2 aylar önce
DAMIT , NOW I GOT TO WATCH JAG! I know I will ?You know , may be she is a witch? She's sure put a spell on me because I really do hate any kind of law shows to the very core! But , that voice in my head is say'n "You know the Good Witch is in it? Wonder whats she's wearing? So grab the remote and shut up! Thats how i ended up here , from another show? me: more please?
Bruce Morrison
Bruce Morrison 3 aylar önce
Same feeling here ! Love Catherine Bell, beautiful and sexy as all get out ! I too fell for her on the TV show JAG, which I watched religiously just to see her !
As Havilah Travels
As Havilah Travels 3 aylar önce
Oh wow I remember JAG. I knew she looked familiar.
Moe Ball
Moe Ball 9 aylar önce
I love how Cassie wins people over with her gentle spirit and good nature. Even Martha (who was a Karen long before the term became popular) is not immune to Cassie's spell.
Shawneequa Wyche
Shawneequa Wyche 11 gün önce
Our Martha Tinsdale was an Actress on Vampire Series “Forever Knight”. It’s now available on DVD. I love her Theme Music on “The Good Witch”.Shawneequa Wyche
desertodavid Aylar önce
@cupid ok huh?
Moe Ball
Moe Ball Aylar önce
@desertodavid - cheers! Enjoy happy hour! Given that Martha is a middle aged white woman who thinks she's better than everyone else; given that she's raised her kids to believe that they're entitled and that laws don't apply to them so that they can destroy other people's property without consequences; given that she has done everything she could to drive Cassie out of town simply because Cassie is "different"; I have no idea why I thought Martha was a Karen! I will say this much; my new test of whether I've had enough to drink is Martha. When I start thinking she ISN'T a Karen I know it's time to cut me off! All kidding aside, however, my actual point is that Cassie is so kind hearted, she sees the good in everyone and brings out the best in everyone, even Martha, although it takes a couple of movies for Martha to come around and finally realize what a good person Cassie is.
cupid ok
cupid ok Aylar önce
@desertodavid its the other way around
desertodavid Aylar önce
@cupid ok as long as you're NOT racist and treat other people courteously and respectful you will have no problem in a small US town.
Samantha Patrick
Samantha Patrick Yıl önce
I love The Good Witch movies they can always cheer you up if you're feeling down
DivinaMonique X
DivinaMonique X 20 gün önce
A nice, simple, wholesome movie. I've watched the series except for the last season I feel like it lost its spark but I've bought the movies and I love them. Martha is a bit annoying in this movie haha but I know that's just part of her charm
joskemom 7 aylar önce
I was at a friends house yesterday and this show was on their tv. The person had back to back episodes, and being a fan of Catherine Bell, I got hooked. So now I am going to (over time) watch the entire series. Yes, as a guy in his 60s, I have lots of diverse interest.
Sara Jaid Ritzema
Sara Jaid Ritzema 5 aylar önce
I know if my partner was alive , He would have enjoyed the movie too. Catherine Bell is stunning and a wonderful Actress. You became under Her Spell like I did. Lol
Christian Yıl önce
Catherine Bell, you are sooooo wonderful!! You did not disappoint (as usual)!!! You were totally exquisite in J.A.G. and you were very endearing here in this movie (The Good Witch). Two totally different storylines, one same starring actress playing perfectly believable, two completely different personalities. Awesome! You made J.A.G. great and you made this story great. Awesome!!
kay josephine porteous
kay josephine porteous 4 aylar önce
No really I love her as an actress an person in my reality 8m from a generation healers an ..... yes so is my husband going back generations. But I don't watch bad witch movies cos their not true.
kay josephine porteous
kay josephine porteous 4 aylar önce
I would like to get the series to watch she acts well as a good witch hate to see her wrong side. (Bad W.) Lol,,,,,
Mary Balmont
Mary Balmont 10 saatler önce
Ojalá hubiera una versión subtitulada en español, adoro esta serie 🥰 y aquí en México solo se puede ver en Netflix, quisiéramos que subieran todas las otras temporadas, ya que en Netflix solo esta hasta la temporada 5...🥺
Limor Oshri
Limor Oshri 6 aylar önce
This movie was so good I didn't want it to end
D. Adamson
D. Adamson 3 aylar önce
movie casts its own spell..
enid Yıl önce
watching this 'cause i finished all the newer seasons on Netflix ❤ i hope hallmark make it longer. The Good Witch is such a feel-good series
DivinaMonique X
DivinaMonique X 20 gün önce
Did anyone like the last season? I felt like something was missing?
Lisa Marshall
Lisa Marshall 3 aylar önce
@Cristian Lu gfhd
Heidi Kickhouse
Heidi Kickhouse 5 aylar önce
@David Smith Do you know their names? Thanks.
Cristian Lu
Cristian Lu 6 aylar önce
Yeah. I wish there's more season on Netflix.
Shannon L. Jewell
Shannon L. Jewell 6 aylar önce
Me too I wish there were more seasons on it on Netflix
Cathy 6 aylar önce
Love Cassie Nightingale❣️ If only there were more people in the world like her full of kindness and honesty this 🌍 would be so much better to live in. Watch this movie and it will make you feel good inside…very, very touching. God bless whoever is reading this❣️🙏
Lydia Ngaca
Lydia Ngaca Yıl önce
I'm loving it already esp the way she keeps smiling to everyone even to those who treat her badly.....
Gloria B
Gloria B 5 aylar önce
I had watched it probably 10-12 yrs ago on TV as a teenager... Ah! Old times ♥️♥️
Leticia Gomes
Leticia Gomes 4 aylar önce
I have seen this movie sometime ago… It was good and taught goodness and kindness to people and not to judge otherwise… Great show…❤️❤️❤️
John Dirk Taylor
John Dirk Taylor 9 gün önce
Best movie I had seen in ages! Found this movie to have everything a great movie should have. Just love love loved it. Steered my emotions from fun to tears, it was very very sweet movie. I can only highly recommend it. If there is more like that, I want to find them, please :D
Gorgey_hun Mixer
Gorgey_hun Mixer 3 aylar önce
when she asked them if they wanted gingerbread i died of laughter especially when they ran and she looked confused
Nilani Siriwardena
Nilani Siriwardena 3 aylar önce
darkart1000 2000
darkart1000 2000 11 aylar önce
After 13 years the good witch comes to an end. All i have to say is thank you Miss Nightingale for the magic.
Denise Shephard
Denise Shephard Yıl önce
I really enjoyed this movie this film has such a strong message to everyone More people need to learn this very important lesson in life
Debbie Bousquet
Debbie Bousquet Yıl önce
I love this movie. more people need this lesson in life....
Abdunnasar V c
Abdunnasar V c 3 aylar önce
@Lea Howlett not all witches are ugly
Lea Howlett
Lea Howlett 6 aylar önce
What lesson?
Madhu Okpako
Madhu Okpako 3 aylar önce
Too interesting. Just kept smiling all the way. A calm and collected disposition does the magic!
estela bernal
estela bernal 3 aylar önce
NITYA 7 aylar önce
Loved watching this GREAT MYSTERY movie made me feel warmth and happy vibes...Watched it so many times that made me freshen up all the time...❤👌
Doll Whitman
Doll Whitman Yıl önce
This was even better than I anticipated! Great movie!
Shruti Chakraborty
Shruti Chakraborty Aylar önce
I don't want this movie to be finished... This was so nice😩😩❤️❤️
MJ Remy
MJ Remy 20 gün önce
Very nice movie, with no vulgarity, grossness, car wrecks, crazy car chases, gratuitous violence, grisly deaths. A real joy to watch a 'normal' movie. Love the series too. All the same characters are in the TV series as well. Catherine Bell is Scottish-Iranian. Her mother was from Iran, father was Scottish. She looks very Persian, with those lovely high cheekbones, and long lustrous hair. Interesting combination of ethnicities.
David Smith
David Smith Yıl önce
Watched the series and loved it. Wish it was still ongoing. Catherine Bell just gets more beautiful every year.
Effy Traveler
Effy Traveler 3 aylar önce
I don't see the magic as much as the movies showed.
Zarmeen Asif
Zarmeen Asif 11 aylar önce
@David Smith I heard it’s already started
David Smith
David Smith Yıl önce
@Zarmeen Asif Yes. Season seven starts soon.
Zarmeen Asif
Zarmeen Asif Yıl önce
The series is still running tho
Brenda Collazo
Brenda Collazo Yıl önce
It’s ongoing on hallmark is currently running Saturday nights
Teacher eN
Teacher eN 4 aylar önce
I have watched the series on the Good Witch 3 X over and I’m just so stoked to see that there’s a full movie that shows the beginning! Now I’m going to have to watch series again, yay!
Glen M
Glen M 8 aylar önce
What a delightful show! Thank you very much. (Actually, Jake wasn't the only one who fell in love with her 😍
Taniya Chatterjee
Taniya Chatterjee Yıl önce
I don't know how many times I've watched. Absolutely love this.
Delainey Macphearson
Delainey Macphearson 3 aylar önce
I’ve never seen and didn’t know Netflix had the series. Whoop whoop!
genevie lucious
genevie lucious Yıl önce
Me too. It keeps popping up in yt now and then so I just watch it again and again. I wish I was a good witch. 😃
branmar2002 Aylar önce
I binge-watched the Good Witch a while back, and only just now watched the movie which launched that series. Not surprisingly, there was a great deal of continuity from the movie to the series, as well as some inevitable small differences. But there was also a very profound difference between the movie and the series. The universe in which this movie was set contained a collapsed industrial economy, child abuse, alcoholism, homelessness and a town that used intimidation and violence to drive out those they deemed to be "different." None of those realities ever penetrated the fantasy universe of the series which followed. The toughest issues that the series ever confronted were about whether or not some party or another would be ruined by petty squabbles. Enjoyable though it was, the series often seemed like a re-staging of The Love Boat, which each week featured characters who cruised into the town as they grappled with their petty and parochial issues. After watching this movie I'm forced to wonder how much better this series might have been if it was a bit more grounded in some of the realities included in the movie.
Chrissy Bass
Chrissy Bass 4 aylar önce
Wish all of the good witches series were shown. From the very first beginning to the last. That would be so awesome. This is a very good show and Catherine Bell is great.👏👏👍
vipelviramotd Aylar önce
@exoticPash88 It started has a series of movies and than became a TV series.
exoticPash88 3 aylar önce
is this a show, i thought just a movie?
miraimee04 7 aylar önce
I’ve been watching The Good Witch on Netflix and decided to rewatch the movies. It’s amazing how many of the actors are the same so many years later
Myrus rooney
Myrus rooney 3 aylar önce
OMG I’d already finish the whole series of Good Witch on Netflix long time ago, then suddenly come across this!!! How can I miss this
David Depierri
David Depierri 5 aylar önce
I'm 70 years old and all I've been watching is at a condom monster movies the giant squids a lot of people die but I happen to see this and I thought what the heck watch it it was absolutely incredible what a moral story I almost started crying at the end and I'm not ashamed to say that it was such a fantastic story
Jessy Nation
Jessy Nation 11 aylar önce
I love Martha’s theme even in the tvseries lol 😂 it fits her character.
P N Yıl önce
a heartwarming story. good acting good family movie and i enjoyed it
Rita Taylor
Rita Taylor 5 aylar önce
Love the good witch movies. Haven't seen all 13 of them. They are magical and teach you many things. They make you believe in good things
internetultrageek 3 aylar önce
I thought there were 5. EDIT: I just checked and as of Oct 2021, there were 12. Need to catch up
Vindra Khanai
Vindra Khanai 4 aylar önce
There are 13 movies or 7 ?
Susan Clow
Susan Clow 11 aylar önce
Good magic is wonderful in this movie. Loved it.
sachertorte 3 aylar önce
This is one of the best "wake up" movies, not too much philosophy or boring talk on and on. Right to the point. We just need to - wake up. Simple. Thank you for posting this excellent film.
Mark Roster
Mark Roster Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this movie. Wasn't feeling the best lately and this helped.
Chabelle D'Jhue
Chabelle D'Jhue 8 aylar önce
Love this show and still go back to re-watch on Netflix.
florence s
florence s Yıl önce
This movie was very interesting, original and it was good to see what bad lady who wants to control a whole village, had to take her place.
Brian Landers
Brian Landers 5 aylar önce
This movie shows just how bad people react to someone different. People should embrace and celebrate differences, that's what makes this country so great.
Krishna Nath
Krishna Nath Yıl önce
Absolutely scintillating gorgeous movies! Enjoyed every liner....Kudos!
kmluna1215 4 aylar önce
I love the Good Witch series. ❤️ Im glad I found this movie. ❤️
Unmapped Insights
Unmapped Insights Yıl önce
A wonderful family movie. Enjoyed greatly!
Molly Pinto
Molly Pinto 5 aylar önce
Loved it. Even "Wendy the Good Little Witch" used to be my favourite comic as a kid😍
Martin Knoerr
Martin Knoerr Yıl önce
Catherine Bell is such a beautiful woman.
Daniel Duka
Daniel Duka 19 gün önce
Yes totally agree and only she is a beautifull woman but even a very good actor
fluxoff Aylar önce
Ivy Lemkus
Ivy Lemkus Aylar önce
Inside and outside as well 💞
Aria Turk
Aria Turk 11 aylar önce
Such a cute movie! Thanks for uploading its my first time watching it. Cant wait to watch all the series :)
Lisa Mathis
Lisa Mathis 3 aylar önce
I love the movies of The Good Witch and the series as well . I watch it all the time on Hallmark every time it comes on even if it goes into a marathon !! I even tape them !
Jenna Dimuccio
Jenna Dimuccio 5 aylar önce
I absoulty loved this movie! I already watched it four times. It would make a great family movie.
Mark Pettis
Mark Pettis 3 aylar önce
What a totally uplifting and heartwarming story thanks❤️
Natasha Datar
Natasha Datar Yıl önce
Cassie is a beautiful lady plus the movie was awesome and to continue the producers also created a wonderful series on Netflix’Good Witch’. It’s wonderful and a little addicting!!😋😊😊👍🏻
My Lyra
My Lyra 3 aylar önce
@Leenie Muna 0
Leenie Muna
Leenie Muna Yıl önce
I'm gonna binge watch over the weekend
Kym Cullen
Kym Cullen 5 aylar önce
Love this movie and wish there were more like it and wish it was a sitcom also love the actors they play there part well 4 gold stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s good to see a movie with no guns or violence !!!
Mallory Vetter
Mallory Vetter Aylar önce
No joke it became a series tv show it's on Netflix go now so gooood
Black Cat Film Productions
Black Cat Film Productions 4 aylar önce
I certainly love the magical element in this movie.
Jennifer Bruns
Jennifer Bruns Yıl önce
I am such a big fan of The Good Witch and the cast!
Sheri Stewart
Sheri Stewart Yıl önce
The mayor's wife, Mrs. Tinsdale, is such a [Rhymes with Witch]!
Enrique Anonat Jr
Enrique Anonat Jr 4 aylar önce
I like the movie! It has all the substance I appreciate even @ this modern times. Love, intrigue, superstations, talent & gifted minds, harassments & susperstions without evedence against ones rights...I give 5 stars
Kenny Katamiro
Kenny Katamiro Yıl önce
So in love 💕 with this movie 🎥🍿
TheMCvamp 8 aylar önce
It would be great to see more movies again!
Erni Julia Kok
Erni Julia Kok 2 aylar önce
I watched this movie when it was released in the theater (or it's on HBO? But almost nothing sticks in my memory, so it is enjoyable to watch it now. Love this genre. Big thanks to you, Rallie LLC!
mike smith
mike smith 2 aylar önce
me to where are you watching from
Anoomi 23
Anoomi 23 Yıl önce
Loved it and the series too ❤️
john epperson
john epperson 5 aylar önce
I just LOVE this movie, Catherine Bell is so beautiful!!!
Yvonne 8 gün önce
I have always loved The Good Witch whether it's one of the movies or the series
Anna Haskell
Anna Haskell 4 aylar önce
Thank you for posting this. I've watched the entire series with fascination, wondering how she got to Middleton!
Cristina 8 aylar önce
So glad I found one of my favorite movies! Thanks for making it available!
Hal Marquardt
Hal Marquardt 3 aylar önce
Great family movie! Or I should say this is a great movie for everyone! I really enjoyed watching it. Thank you for posting this. 👍
Rupesh Babhule
Rupesh Babhule 5 aylar önce
*I See This Movie Whenever I Feel Down As I Am An ORPHAN And I Feel 1 Fine Day A Sweet Lil Witch Instead Of A Princess Changes My Life, Life Is About Positivity As A Stubborn Princess Can Ruin Your Life And A Cute Lil Witch Can Give You The Best Of Your Life* ❤ *ALL THE LOVE FROM INDIA* 🇮🇳
Janna Freudenberg
Janna Freudenberg 23 gün önce
So true
Natasha Garrison
Natasha Garrison 3 aylar önce
🧹 🎃 👻 this movie is the best!! Remember watching it on TV it was fall/Halloween ish time of year and this came on. Loved it very good movie to watch especially in the fall ✨❤️
swapan ghosh
swapan ghosh 11 aylar önce
Beautiful concept. And great acting 💖
Fae Ry
Fae Ry 5 aylar önce
I wish there was more! I love the Series!
Mona Mohabir
Mona Mohabir 7 aylar önce
Beautiful movie, love it!!
Charmaine Lamorin
Charmaine Lamorin Yıl önce
I always smile while watching this movie 😍😍😍
Dandavats Dasa
Dandavats Dasa 3 aylar önce
Wonder years stories can be really interesting. I have seen different types. The art image of the Grey lady seems seriously spooky. I had some really spooky thoughts about this. Looks like she was winding up with a whole collection of misfits. Might be time to consider how to set up social worker and counseling services. Thank you for sharing interesting videos!
marlene 5 aylar önce
My favorite TV series, and movie. Wish there were more...
Jacqueline Mackintosh
Jacqueline Mackintosh 10 aylar önce
Thank you so much. This movie was calling out to me, I'm so glad you placed here, I didn't have to open my purse strings. This movie reminds me of the old movie; 'Bell, Book and Candle'. One of my favourites when I was a young girl. Another fun movie about a women that might be a good Witch.
Thomas Edward King King
Thomas Edward King King 9 aylar önce
I've only just stumbled upon the Good Witch. I like to think that 13 might just be my new lucky number. Cassie once again has worked her magic ✨
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