Minecraft's Best Players Simulate Civilization

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Minecraft's Best Players have 2 weeks to build the most insane and successful civilization they possibly can, and at the end they fight to see who wins the glory.
My Twitter: Sipover
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My Discord: discord.gg/qFrX5Qb
My Reddit: r/Sipover
Credits to Sloimay for helping set up this video :) - trpost.net
Credit to all the amazing people featured in this video for making this possible :)

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Sipover 4 aylar önce
So happy to release this video, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT!! subscribe if you wanna see more vids like this i want 10 trillion subscribers by tomorrow
Dev 5 gün önce
I did
plushplane78 6 gün önce
You can’t get 10 trillion cause TRpost doesn’t have that much people
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D 7 gün önce
yeah :D
Swarmer 8 gün önce
Let’s go green team!
sosy reaction Channel
sosy reaction Channel 8 gün önce
oh no I'm about to die I'm about to die I see the world border
Jan Zbořil
Jan Zbořil 2 aylar önce
The Green team's immortal teleport broke this entire competition. The guy who invented this is pure genius
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D 7 gün önce
yeah :D
Tristan 9 gün önce
@HallowedPumpkin I swear MC player are built different. Who even comes up with shit like that 😂
Riley GShep
Riley GShep 12 gün önce
@Xnemesis look up update suppression
Riley GShep
Riley GShep 12 gün önce
@Tomáš Nestrašil they didn’t lol, they used update suppressions
Rafa Forster
Rafa Forster 14 gün önce
Pov u see this on accident and now the outcome is ruined
Maikusenpai 2 aylar önce
Pure geniuses, I thought Minecraft was all about, well, mining and crafting. But after watching this, I'm a changed man. Gonna start upgrading my dirt house now
INDIA 270 7 gün önce
Dirt ?? 😂😂
kriptoniiight 2
kriptoniiight 2 22 gün önce
@Kwon Feynman i mean who doesn't build a dirt house?
John Mark Esguerra
John Mark Esguerra 28 gün önce
dsfsfd sfdsfdfsd
dsfsfd sfdsfdfsd 29 gün önce
@Sir Ankleknocker Hey man, all I need is 3 blocks down and dirt above my head
Sir Ankleknocker
Sir Ankleknocker Aylar önce
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _ Aylar önce
Green's survivalbility was amazing, their extra lives and recalls makes them the best in PVP instantly. No one ever thought of this and every civilization simulation I've seen, is when no one has ever done this with stasis pearls.
Arataki Itto
Arataki Itto 9 gün önce
@harrison777ify2 but they'd get wiped out by the traps
harrison777ify2 Aylar önce
Yeah the only way to beat them was to raid the immortality machine early on
Just Some Random Weeb
Just Some Random Weeb Aylar önce
This ain't a civilization simulation anymore, this just straight became an invention competition 😂
ItsNickBabe 13 gün önce
Sounds like someone hasnt heard of the cold war
Josh Gehman
Josh Gehman Aylar önce
Just like a real war since the beginning of time
Stella Aylar önce
Yeah, to show who is the best inventor in all minecraft history.
Nathan Applegate
Nathan Applegate Aylar önce
Green’s spawn was absolutely OP. That combined with their immortality machine broke the game.
Moose 4 aylar önce
Insane quality!!!! Love it
Touchdown Productions
Touchdown Productions Aylar önce
@Abdullah badoghish you good bruh?
Angel Bowman
Angel Bowman Aylar önce
I love you vids
Angel Bowman
Angel Bowman Aylar önce
Skwack gamer
Skwack gamer 3 aylar önce
I bet you got pay to say that
WildTV 3 aylar önce
Dumlord Aylar önce
I wanna see more like this, no drama or obviously scripted events, just people working as a team to secure a victory
Janz 17 gün önce
I like how he just doesn't show what they're building but also shows how it works for us minecraft boomers
Andro System
Andro System 23 gün önce
As a child in 2015 I dreamed about servers, where you can play like you are in a country and trade, fight and build with others. I can't belive it it became reality. And even the redstone engineers there. I'm so happy. Thank you
Jose Paras
Jose Paras 11 gün önce
This was genuinely some of the best 20 minutes I’ve spent on a video great job dude!!
slender gavan
slender gavan 3 aylar önce
Other teams: *enters houses to check for survivors* The Green tribe: You activated my trap card you absolute buffoon.
Luke Work
Luke Work 2 aylar önce
Watch the video smh
Quandale dingle
Quandale dingle 3 aylar önce
@comander and scout I would rather you spread screen shots than a cast iron pot on my face
comander and scout
comander and scout 3 aylar önce
@Quandale dingle omg Quandale dingle can i have screenshot
ABBK 3 aylar önce
@Quandale dingle will have a great day
NixTheFox 3 aylar önce
​@SafeGuard I don't think the enemy teams really invaded greens base except for that one dude who fell into their trap and escaped, since they were so strong offebsivley
Diana Tah
Diana Tah Aylar önce
Can we just see how admirably Frxnkey found his way out of seemingly unescapable situations? He was some really tough fighter in there
Itachi Uchiwa
Itachi Uchiwa Aylar önce
Noah Litten
Noah Litten Aylar önce
This has been the best Minecraft civilization video I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see a rematch with the same players their creativity was insane
gmanhero 10 gün önce
these guys are awesome! I wonder if they put that much effort in their day-to-day lives
Bloxical Aylar önce
Definitely my favourite civilisation video on yt, this is top tier. And the fact that these people are actually good at the game makes it even more interesting.
None of Your Buisness
None of Your Buisness 2 aylar önce
Green was incredibly well balanced - they prioritized not only smarts, but aesthetics, too. Really, their only mistake was forgetting to load the TNT dupers. Had me rooting for them the whole time
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D 7 gün önce
yeah :D
Osls Osoaos
Osls Osoaos 25 gün önce
Green took red’s aesthetics and blue’s PVP and maxed both of them
Landmark High School Events
Landmark High School Events Aylar önce
Error Aylar önce
They didn't have enough Waluigi
Organic Aylar önce
@S_Wdageek what did he say the message was deleted
Linaria -w-
Linaria -w- Aylar önce
I randomly picked a civilization from the very start of the video and i picked green, And I'm being honest, I was rooting for them and I'm proud
Ez Glwh
Ez Glwh Aylar önce
Thanks for entertaining me on the weekends!! Hope for more of this contents in the future!!
Kyle A
Kyle A 12 gün önce
When greens artillery came out of the back it looked so insane. If only they loaded it. This would've been a much faster ending
No0b Aylar önce
I have literally never seen anything like that immortality field. Hats off to green, they deserved that win
StarWarsNerd1465 4 aylar önce
Green was smart af, booby traps, guerrilla warfare, huge bunker, advanced bombers (albeit without the bombs), immortality machines. Big ups to them Edit: istg if one of y’all say Vietnam again I’m going to napalm the moon Edit 2: the moon is now a second sun, welcome to tatooine bitches
Milo Wirendal
Milo Wirendal 8 gün önce
star wars :D
Nebermind Aylar önce
@Stormheart Nebermind reference
MasterLooter1 Aylar önce
@Nebermind nah bro i dont work smarter or harder, i work to get harder
Communist toaster
Communist toaster Aylar önce
Mayan moment?
Laksamana Suhendra
Laksamana Suhendra Aylar önce
Bro glassed the moon 💀
LandonBean Aylar önce
I want to do something like this with my friends, but I can't find a seed that fits this kind of thing. Really cool though.
Ryan Whiteside
Ryan Whiteside 29 gün önce
We need another video like this from you, cause I've always found tnt bombers and all these other mechanics to be so cool, but I've never seen them actually used for destroying cities/bases. If anyone here knows of a series where people compete like this and use redstone cannons and bombers and the fireball towers etc for an actual advantage in battles, please lmk
Nicklas Arnfjord
Nicklas Arnfjord Aylar önce
I love how you got people who know what they're doing, and not just people who kill eachother for power.
ItzzKevinRBLX 2 aylar önce
I'm going to start using videos like this to get tips on minecraft. I watched a 100 day one chunk challenge and learnt so much information.
jxalexan 56
jxalexan 56 3 aylar önce
Damn the fact that everyone on here is actually good at the game makes this really interesting, great job would love to see more!
Neal Ang
Neal Ang 2 aylar önce
Upon seeing the gargantuan projects of some famous Minecraft players, I was all like: *How in the hell is that possible?!*
Skwack gamer
Skwack gamer 2 aylar önce
I bet 0.0$ you got Money for that
Joeka 3 aylar önce
Honestly this could've been like 3 videos at least. It feels like it's over too soon.
Amir Ilham
Amir Ilham 3 aylar önce
Ikr..they literally developed their faction well before war and not having some drama between faction like traitor and so on
Drop DownZ
Drop DownZ Aylar önce
If all of these guys worked together imagine those in vanilla faction servers 💀
aidennatter Avent
aidennatter Avent Aylar önce
Better start the fallen down music for the other teams
Stella Aylar önce
That would be wonderful in peace. It's like altogether to fight evil creature.
Joe Munro
Joe Munro Aylar önce
i loved it keep up the good work and hope you make more good vids like this!
Audrey England
Audrey England Aylar önce
I could only dream of building this well, these civilizations are so awesome and pretty!! I had no idea you could automate so many farms like sheering sheep, and the redstone/TNT plane made my jaw drop! MORE PLEASE :)
Dev Builder
Dev Builder Aylar önce
Man they did such a good job building I felt so bad once they fought each other in dooms day.
Xavier 3 aylar önce
Even without any tnt weaponry, green already win. Just imagine what if their tnt bombers actually work.
krigsmarine Aylar önce
@French Flag You support a team that dose bare minimum they make them selfs look good all at the beginning but yet dose the bare minimum play style all that work just to cheap out is sad. You support half butt jobs and thats the problem with are society half butt everything couldn't use the word so butt had to be replacement due to 🐱 like you being all soft and couldn't take a couple of words and complain to TRpost about it thanks....
krigsmarine Aylar önce
@French Flag If you lose to a person who uses the most 🐱 way to win I think you're the real winner because you weren't a 🐱 about winning it. The people who win gets the most credit also gets the most hate. I know yall are a bunch of f@$ so yall of course are going to support the team who cheaped out. Yeah because when you actually compete in things you're going to be mad if someone got it easier than you right? If not you're a bigger punk than the gay winner. All it matters is about the win yeah so if I have to run 5 feet to cross the finish line vs a guy who has the hole track to run inorder to cross it thats a automatic win but does that make me a better runner no just because I cheaped out on not trying to do the extra stuff to win that doesn't make you good winner just shows that I took the easy way out in order to do something or in other words to do the bare minimum
French Flag
French Flag Aylar önce
@krigsmarine The most flashy tactics don’t matter, what matters is if you win.
French Flag
French Flag Aylar önce
@krigsmarine So what does that make you, the person who loses to that “🐱”?
krigsmarine Aylar önce
Sad that none of you have any actual points but the same argument with different words that still fails. No wonder why Im destroying the comment section you all have the same argument what idiots 🤣
L Productions
L Productions Aylar önce
Probably the best PVP Battle i have ever seen! Thanks for making it
JCNIGANG Aylar önce
What this video taught me is "In order to build a civilization you need to enslaved weak people,cut trees,over mine caves,kill animal sacrifice mobs"
Gaming Account
Gaming Account 22 gün önce
Please link the channels/platforms of these amazing people!! Hopefully there's a part 2 where there's more people and longer time between the war
un rendered_fox2
un rendered_fox2 25 gün önce
alternate title: 3 teams compete to see who can build the most farms
Purplers 4 aylar önce
This event was insane, thanks for having me on again sip :D combining redstoners, builders and PvPers together in 1 big event was so much fun
Bambusliga 2 aylar önce
Your Trap was crazy!
Heuvelke 2 aylar önce
You are welcome man
oscar ortiz
oscar ortiz 2 aylar önce
hey dude, i just want to say, that witch trap was actually smart af, congratulations
faiz rizky
faiz rizky 3 aylar önce
Hi guys
Gamescape Gamer
Gamescape Gamer 3 aylar önce
that witch trap was insane, nice!
Michael Salguero
Michael Salguero Aylar önce
These creations are insane. I love it
Kaela Clarkson
Kaela Clarkson 5 gün önce
If somehow you can drop all tutorials on how to build the automatic red stone stuff I’d appreciate it!!! This is a sick video. Can’t wait for more !
Buster the Wolf
Buster the Wolf Aylar önce
The green team was just on another level, genius masterminds all the way
Midnil Aylar önce
I want to see a continuation of this "civilization" where Green gets to build with the other teams' blocks. I also want to see the losers reincarnate on a separate island as a yellow team, and they have to fight Green on a second doomsday.
ihadtofuckingusethisforkahoot ugh
ihadtofuckingusethisforkahoot ugh 15 gün önce
Green's ender pearl-totem strategy in the case of death was insanely clever.
Trent Johnston
Trent Johnston Aylar önce
Do something like this again, it was fun.
Lince Joseph PJ
Lince Joseph PJ 14 gün önce
man this is so interesting keep up with this content
Duncan Gander
Duncan Gander Aylar önce
I would love to see many more of these
Whiss6 4 aylar önce
Finally, not some TRpostr putting random people in a server and calling it a civilization, this was actually really enjoyable. The building, grinding, fighting, clutching, escaping, all of it was just 10/10. Favorite part was definitely either Pi building that grey-stained glass bridge or the teams utilizing ghast fireballs as weapons.
Yoonki 2 aylar önce
What a bad take on the first sentence tho, what civilisation IRL doesn't have random people put together in X location? IRL civilisations aren't mega organised like this either, there's ALWAYS politics involved..
Zorrakas 2 aylar önce
I think you need to look up the definition of civilization. This mans is dumb.
Lilya 3 aylar önce
I agree about random people making it more enjoyable but this is also good as a one off event, just to see how high level Minecraft players would act in this environment. Overall though I'd prefer to see the usual random 100 players.
Lucca 3 aylar önce
@Connor Lyons i agree
Connor Lyons
Connor Lyons 3 aylar önce
In my opinion, random people are what make it a civilization. There will never be hand chosen people irl and it makes it more realistic
Vesstig Aylar önce
My favourite Minecraft video in a long time, keep it up!
Aztec Centeno
Aztec Centeno Aylar önce
i simply cannot comprehend how these people get so creative in making contraptions/farms/weapons like that. wow bravo!
0havocado Aylar önce
one of the best minecraft videos ive seen. Keep it up Sipover.
IcyBucanneer Aylar önce
This was so good please make a part 2.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 2 aylar önce
Green team was simply 2 steps ahead of everyone else, they were playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.
Ke'en Ren
Ke'en Ren 5 gün önce
@Sohail Aji oh no they playing like stockfish and the others are doing ugerbooger
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D
1000 SUBS 1 VIDEO :D 7 gün önce
yeah :D
Paradox 8 gün önce
Ur everywhere bro
Kars 13 gün önce
@stink yes
stink 13 gün önce
JOJOS REFERNECE!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????
BeefyAndTheDucks Aylar önce
Let me guess, the green team used the update surpressor for linked items, which you can detect through a chest, with a comparator, activating the stasis chamber
SpeedyBasket5 Aylar önce
This was incredible was rooting for the green team the whole time.
Dalminico Aylar önce
Green's my fav color. I was rooting for them from the start: Glad they won!
GhostLy HoLo
GhostLy HoLo Aylar önce
Almost three quarters into the vid, and I gotta say, these players developed so much they’re ready to just be tucked in when the border falls
Bayside Bandit
Bayside Bandit 4 aylar önce
i genuinely loved this, no bullshit story times and random garbage. just straight up skilled players making military machines and fighting it out, great content
The Holy Gamer
The Holy Gamer 3 aylar önce
Yeah, this was very enjoyable.
Bad Omen
Bad Omen 4 aylar önce
@Maven they did have great defenses, and you have to admit, that immortality thing was basically an extra life per player, basically giving them 30 players. Not to mention the traps, distraction towns, and would have been devastating bombers, they were best prepared for this all by far. Blue was a meh, with poor defenses and offenses, with hardly any good fortresses. Red was better, with more skilled people, as well as reasorce rich, though with a lack of redstone engineers, or a lack of skill to compete with the others, they were outclassed as their machinery proved ineffective long term against the brutal green team war machine.
Pain Killer
Pain Killer 4 aylar önce
Thalmor Agent
Thalmor Agent 4 aylar önce
It's crazy that Green FORGOT to add TNT to their bombers 💀
My recent is better than you
My recent is better than you 4 aylar önce
Sipover is trash my recent video is way better 😂🤣
The Unbothered Texan
The Unbothered Texan Aylar önce
First time on your channel! This is so unbelievable and so AMAZING! Wow like this blows up my head, very amazing content. This is what I'm imagining for, finally we got this to watch. What a movie
Ardi Krusha
Ardi Krusha Aylar önce
The Green team's immortal teleport strategy deserves an award
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Snyder Aylar önce
You should do this again but have the mutant mobs mod on and see if basically the same thing happened
LeGiiT_-Gaming Aylar önce
Green team been preparing for this it was their time to shine. Congrats green team this was an awesome watch
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog 3 aylar önce
The bombers in the air dropping bombs while the flak(fireballs) attempt to shoot them down was so surreal and really did seem like WWII
Aslv 2 aylar önce
@J-I F.W. BR found it, and it is absolutely glorious
J-I F.W. BR 2 aylar önce
@Aslv watch doc mc episode of hermitcraft current season to find out.
Aslv 2 aylar önce
@A-10 Warthog best TRpost conversation I've seen in a while
Cledon 2 aylar önce
@Aslv probably abused chunks to make them stay still.
grey! 2 aylar önce
took me back
Cakify Aylar önce
Red wasn't really much, for the less amount of things they had, they made huge progress
yakone 1600
yakone 1600 Aylar önce
this actually looks like so much fun
Wyatt Schuster
Wyatt Schuster Aylar önce
Not only did green team build wonderful buildings, but they also were smart with there battle strategies. This was a great civilization vid! 🙂👍
luis morillo
luis morillo Aylar önce
At the exact moment I heard "inmortality machine" I knew who was about to win
LaCrafty 3 aylar önce
the "immortality machine" its called item shadowing you can find videos on it to understand more about what im going to say. basically with that machine they copied the item in a way where anything that happens to any copy happens to the other copy. if its broken or used up, the other item does aswell. they put totems in a chest linked to the totems in their hands. when the totem gets used on the player the totem also disappears in the chest. they can detect the empty chest and activate the ender pearl stasis chambers. hopefully that helped!
Matei Apopei
Matei Apopei 2 aylar önce
Raw 3 aylar önce
Wtf this is some quantum entanglement shit
Binginator 3 aylar önce
jesus christ i didnt even know that was possible lol
Etikle 3 aylar önce
@ᴢαɢєツ or they start a light suppressor to make sure if the chunks get unloaded they stay unloaded
Etikle 3 aylar önce
@ItsDaniel Item shadowing is way different, from what I know, they probably would have kept it if u couldn't dupe items with it. Also it's fixed in 1.18
Alex Banday
Alex Banday Aylar önce
“They got dunked on” That fills me with determination
Travis K Southpaw
Travis K Southpaw 2 aylar önce
damn, and I thought I was badass by building a two story house 😂
Lechonkthe Legod
Lechonkthe Legod Aylar önce
The fact one of the guys in the forest was called “forest” is too fitting
Kenny Wu
Kenny Wu Aylar önce
Holysht this looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo insanely fun. I REALLY enjoyed the video!! good work!
pi314159265358978 4 aylar önce
Can I just say that as one of the participants I really appreciate Sip's no bullshit approach. Most other civilization building videos here on YT seem to be a partially staged role-play. In this competition we were just told how civilizations will be scored at the end and given a week and a half to build/do whatever we wanted in our areas. Plain and simple. The only items given to us were one elytra each day and a couple of empty shulker boxes, since these items were not accessible to us in the End because of the world border. So we indeed had to gather resources for everything that we wanted to build. The rules were also pretty reasonable: No hacks, no item duping (TNT/rail/carpet duping tech was allowed), no sabotaging others before the fight day and a few limitations for the fight itself. All in all this was a super fun competition for me. I had to come up with a new design of TNT dupers, because our civ didn't have many coral fans. I also designed the lava blade casting machine that performed quite well on the blue side. Plus a lot of farms, caving and building. Thank you to everyone involved for being awesome and congratulations to the winners.
ondřej rossler
ondřej rossler 2 aylar önce
dobra prace :)
Jaden A Taylor
Jaden A Taylor 2 aylar önce
mad respect bro
Ondřej Slezák
Ondřej Slezák 3 aylar önce
Great to see a fellow Czech here😊 u did great
Jordan P
Jordan P 3 aylar önce
Jesus loves you
Rex 4 aylar önce
Was the server up 24/7 or just a few hours per day
BOBETON •-• Aylar önce
I don’t wanna go against anyone, greens base was awesome either way, I just found it a little unfair on how green had the best recourses to start with
SkefsonGames 27 gün önce
Why am I never able to find out about these before they happen. Id love to take part in one
Louis Gaffiero
Louis Gaffiero 13 gün önce
such an insane realisation this is hardwork props on that
Giel Van Niekerk
Giel Van Niekerk Aylar önce
I really enjoyed every second of this video
Yos Sebastian
Yos Sebastian 2 aylar önce
Damn that immortality machine just took it to whole new level
Rias G.
Rias G. Aylar önce
@HallowedPumpkin bruh who even thought of that..and why.. this is so complex
talk Aylar önce
fr its basically just a respawn
jose antonio Hernández Peroza
jose antonio Hernández Peroza Aylar önce
@HallowedPumpkin 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
HallowedPumpkin Aylar önce
@jose antonio Hernández Peroza they used an update suppressor which basically makes things go wack. Using that there’s a way to have an item be in your inventory and in a hopper at the same time and anything done to one effects the other. So if an item disappears from your inventory it disappears from the hopper. So doing that with a totem makes it so when it is used it isn’t in the hopper and a comparator stops outputting a signal. And you just invert that into the stasis chamber to activate it.
Ciana Olesia Mendoza
Ciana Olesia Mendoza 2 aylar önce
I want that game
Kinda hot Hotness
Kinda hot Hotness 29 gün önce
They’re all so efficient, meanwhile I use 3 in game days just to decide where I want my base
Caitlin Martin
Caitlin Martin Aylar önce
I've watched this video like 1000 times!. This is the best Civilization video.
Lamp Gamin
Lamp Gamin 2 aylar önce
What I would have done is hide and make dozens of houses with tnt under and a mob with a name tag to make it look like a player was inside and then also make a trip wire redstone system that locks you inside the house when you step on it and activates the tnt
Tijmen Bendermacher
Tijmen Bendermacher Aylar önce
You should do more of these vids but maybe a bit longer, it’s an amazing vid tho!!
Ganimator1991 4 aylar önce
As a person who likes tactics and wars: The green civilization's tactic of coming back to the underground bunker was amazing and it blew my mind when i saw it in action.
SomeRando Aylar önce
@krigsmarine sure, Let's all just run around like idiots and die, Hurray! No Camping! Hurray!
krigsmarine Aylar önce
@SomeRando Camping is a strategy that wild animals do to defend, your really thinking that it takes much brain power to comprehend that no it doesn't. Thats pretty sad how yall support campers you can literally go outside and camp but you do it in a 30 dollar game and they probably spent more money on block skins than another thing else and yet they do something that a normal average person can do 🤣 lets not go extreme lets be average
krigsmarine Aylar önce
@Ganimator1991 Actually when zoned closed in they all came out of base as described in your main comment. There was at least 10 mins of fighting so healthing doesn't take that long at all. It may only take 30 seconds to get fully load up. The part that I say they camped was halfway because its no coincidence that they all happened to get sent back to base by almost dieing as shown in the video majority of the people who fought were alone or with a coupe of people not a full team but they somehow managed to all be there. Which means there plan was to send a couple troops and camped the rest as shown in the video. Than you calling camping strategy which it is but its like the easiest one to do wild animals do that 😅 its true low iq animals are born to do that.
krigsmarine Aylar önce
@SomeRando Cod is a strategy a game theres no debate on that its military force which uses strategy in real life and it has a realistic mode and its called veteran as played in the campaign in MW19. Which in fact proves that its a strategy game so you might want to delete your other comments before looking like an embarrassment which you probably don't care anyways because your already a joke to society and thats what people expect out of you.
Ganimator1991 2 aylar önce
@krigsmarine That wasn't camping, that was cheating death. You forgot that they came out of the bunker after healing, didn't you?
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 9 gün önce
woh, Art isn't in museums anymore. This is pure art. Amazing stuff.
Dyl Pickel
Dyl Pickel 3 gün önce
Honesty I was pulling for red, but they feel short at pvp. Their bombers were very effective tho
Ripped Fondue
Ripped Fondue 14 gün önce
this was a blast to watch!
LocalCantAim Aylar önce
I was deciding for what team will win When i saw the hard work Green,Red and Blue for me The best builds for me goes to Red While the best strategies are to Green And blue is the one of the best pvpers tbh im surprised ClownPierce died i really thought Blue team would have won because of the massive farms
Freshlol 4 aylar önce
this was by far the most interesting civilization video i've seen yet!
KIER4N66™️⚫ 2 aylar önce
Watch silver his are amazing
Skwack gamer
Skwack gamer 3 aylar önce
I bet you got paid to do that
Jerome Rosales
Jerome Rosales 3 aylar önce
Cocooa vu
Cocooa vu 3 aylar önce
Lego Planet
Lego Planet 3 aylar önce
Dark Zhiro
Dark Zhiro Aylar önce
I suppose this is just one of those games that tests the limit of geniuses.
VoidCraft88 Aylar önce
Imagine if TangoTek was one of the players competing here…
To be honest, The sheep farm was the best!
My_sxmplerandomstxff Aylar önce
Red: red stone Green:strategy and plan Blue: obtaining useful items for d-day
I am a Potato.
I am a Potato. 4 aylar önce
I wish every civilization Minecraft challenge were only full of pros like this, not really that fun to watch people become toxic with their teammates all because they wanted to be the leader.
i love KingSlme
i love KingSlme 2 aylar önce
@Lode Stone games "Techno was a litteral ace in Many minecraft pro pvp competitions." he never once logged onto a prac server and played ranked or joined a rq tourney. he wasnt in any "pro pvp competitions". u never touched a version below 1.14 lmfao stfu random
Lode Stone games
Lode Stone games 2 aylar önce
@i love KingSlme you haven't proved your skills. You can't talk shit. You might say " you can't talk shit either " but I'm not the one flexing some skills that were never proven. Techno was a litteral ace in *Many* minecraft pro pvp competitions.
░KenLinx░ 3 aylar önce
@I am a Potato. ?? Yes, I mean the element of politics that add to the entertainment value.
I am a Potato.
I am a Potato. 3 aylar önce
@░KenLinx░ by politics u mean deep end savagery, where the hierarchy is based of the most powerful players instead of the smart ones? That's why they keep losing, they end up betraying and killing one another which makes the video shorter, we could've had more content.
░KenLinx░ 3 aylar önce
Nah those videos are entertaining in their own way. They have what this video lacks which is politics.
Paul 26 gün önce
I personally wonder what the specs of the server that allowed this insane activity.
Iwatani Naofumi
Iwatani Naofumi 11 gün önce
bro imagine having redstone expert, pro builder, miner expert, strategist, and a quick thinker🤯
Scooby Lane
Scooby Lane Aylar önce
"I'm going to say green was SOLID" *gives them a 4*
лаури Рехлак
лаури Рехлак Aylar önce
Really loved it, keep it up, and maybe a nother one!
o. .o
o. .o Aylar önce
My theory was that Red and Blue are fighting each other first, then the winner gets to fight Green. Although outnumbered, Blue/Red will win. I was entirely wrong.
André Frank
André Frank 29 gün önce
quite a cool video, didnt really know what minecraft was. this was actually entertaining and funny to watch
Rando channel of stuff
Rando channel of stuff Aylar önce
Should've let the green team who escaped live, Could've made like an outpost
Mario Shondrov
Mario Shondrov Aylar önce
dude do more of this type we need them that was the best minecraft video i have watched do more :D
Paulio Gaming
Paulio Gaming 3 aylar önce
Frxnkey totally deserves credit for escaping two impossible traps.
Zeno Aylar önce
@Matthew Patrone thank you for understanding.
Matthew Patrone
Matthew Patrone Aylar önce
@Zeno sure.
Zeno Aylar önce
@Matthew Patrone I live in a good neighbor hood but when I leave the neighborhood let's just say it isn't pretty so I'm not going to continue a pointless argument, when we both know nothing in this world is what it seems
Matthew Patrone
Matthew Patrone Aylar önce
@Zeno you must l8ve in quite the horrible neighborhood then. When I go out I see kids and teens walking to school, playing ball with friends, doing shipping errands, or just being kids. You shouldn't diss an entire gen just because the 0.001% if Gen z that lives in your neighborhood have no education. And everything you just said are done by other generation 2 fold.
Zeno Aylar önce
@Matthew Patrone .... Have you left your house and looked around? Minors are smoking weed, stealing, bullying and hurting others and alot of other shit hell I've even seen people not stop to help anyone
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